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DIY vintage tub garden

Vintage and antique decorations are some of the hottest pieces in home decor. The older, the better. The more rustic and run down, the more it costs! One of the hottest vintage pieces right now is the vintage tub. Instead of spending tons of money refurbishing your vintage tub for the bathroom, why not use it for something entirely unique, like holding flowers or plants? This DIY vintage tub garden is the perfect way to display your favorite heirloom without spending any extra money!

tub garden

This fun, vintage DIY is the perfect centerpiece idea for a rustic dining room or statement piece in your garden. If you don’t have a vintage tub, Etsy has quite a few in many different colors and sizes so you can completely customize how big or small your garden is. You can also drill holes into your tub to hang it on your front porch or in your home! Because of the size, these make perfect little gardens for small apartment balconies, too!

What you’ll need: 

  • Vintage tub
  • Potting soil
  • Flowers or plants
  • Water
  • Hand shovel

Step 1: Clean out tub and fill with soil

Rinse out tub with a hose or in a sink to ensure it’s completely cleaned. Using your potting soil, fill the tub about three-quarters of the way full, leaving enough room to plant the flowers and re-cover with soil.

vintage tub garden

Pat down soil so it hardens a bit.

Step 2: Plant flowers in the soil

Using your hand-held shovel, plant your flowers in the soil by digging a hole large enough for the flower in the soil you already put in the tub.



plant flowers

Once your flowers are planted, re-cover with the extra soil and gently push down.

vintage tub

Step 3: Water and display

Water your flowers, careful not to over water.


tub garden

Then place somewhere they can get plenty of sun and TLC! Easy, beautiful and very vintage!

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