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SheKnows provides remodel for spinal cancer victim

SheKnows is proud to share the inspirational story surrounding the Bundy family, and the efforts from numerous experts and volunteers who helped remodel their home and change their way of living.

The Bundy family

SheKnows Homergency: Turning houses into homes for families facing challenges

SheKnows Homergency is a charitable home makeover series dedicated to changing the lives of deserving families by completely transforming their houses. Designers from SheKnows, along with a crew of volunteers, perform total home makeovers inside and out, providing solutions to design and function dilemmas. The SK crew remodels, refurbishes and redecorates every room with fresh paint, updated flooring, furniture and more — all in just under one week. The result: A house that suits the needs of a very special family who calls it home.

The project


The Bundy residence

Design goal:

Increased accessibility

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In late 2010, Scott Bundy was diagnosed with spinal cancer. Although he had surgery to remove the tumor, it shortly returned. Scott and his wife, Stacie, were faced with a life-changing decision: Whether Scott should undergo a second surgery, which would cut part of his spine, take away his leg function and render him a paraplegic. Scott and his wife chose to go through with the drastic surgery so he would live to see their young son, Jakob, grow up.

Since the surgery, Scott had been unable to do simple, everyday tasks in the home. With Stacie now the family’s sole provider, the couple struggled with renovations to make the house more accessible for Scott. Stacie donated all of her bedroom furniture to make room for Scott’s chair and hired contractors to widen doorways. The contractors left the jobs unfinished, however, leaving the family to live without a bedroom door and with gaping holes in their walls. Stacie’s attention was divided among so many other responsibilities that she and Scott put off the home improvement projects until she could get the help she needed.

Kitchen before and after

A family friend nominated the family for a Homergency makeover, and the SheKnows team answered the call. Homergency designers, numerous community volunteers and industry experts completed the work the contractors left undone, and they installed solutions throughout the house to make it more usable and enjoyable for Scott. From brand-new tile throughout to a peninsula in the kitchen with a microwave low enough for Scott to reach, the Bundys’ home was completely transformed with Scott and Stacie in mind. The designers installed a new energy-efficient washer and dryer that uses Tide Coldwater Detergent, incorporated CFL bulbs in the brand-new recessed lighting throughout the house and installed battery-operated under-cabinet lighting using Duracell Rechargeable Batteries. A local tree company removed a dead tree in the front lawn and donated the wood chips to a local community garden. Volunteers planted a new tree in its place, along with other low water-use plants to give the family some curb-appeal while lowering their water bill.

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Prior to his surgery, Scott enjoyed biking and other outdoor activities, so SheKnows designers added one last special surprise for the family: a recumbent handcycle. Now, not only could he enjoy his freedom within his house, but he also could enjoy his favorite hobby outside, as well.

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