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Friday’s Fashion Fails: Paris Hilton and Rihanna

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We’re telling you why Paris Hilton and Rihanna’s fashions fell short in our new weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups!

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Has someone been reading Fifty Shades of Grey? Paris Hilton stepped out in Hollywood for the premiere of Sunset Strip in a bondage-inspired look this week. This is a classic case of accessory overload! Her leather cropped dress is cute on its own, but it’s all of the stuff she added that deserves serious punishment.

Even Madonna couldn’t pull off those leather, lace-up cuffs, and just like Dianna Agron last week, Paris has gone and worn black tights in summer! It can’t be that cold in LA, can it? And these aren’t just any old plain black tights. They’re designed to look like she’s wearing garters. What the fug? If you want to wear garters, why not just wear ’em instead of tights that look like them?

The final verdict? The dominatrix dress is fine, but it would have looked way better with bare legs and no tacky accessories. Ditch the cuffs and tights, P, and save your S&M fantasies for the bedroom, not the red carpet.



After Chris Brown and Drake reportedly got in a fight over Riri at a club in NYC, she headed across the pond to London to log some time in the recording studio. And it’s good to see she’s working on her music because she’s clearly not focused on her fashion, which is usually amazing. Check out the ensemble she got snapped in while leaving her hotel on Tuesday.

Rihanna went and took a page from Jen Aniston‘s playbook, wearing super baggy bottoms that look like they belong to a boy! The saggy shorts remind us of men’s swim trunks, and the pattern is hurting our eyes. In fact, her entire outfit actually looks like it was bought in the boys’ section, from the oversized jersey to her sneakers.

The final verdict? The We Found Love singer usually has awesome, edgy style, but even the fiercest fashionistas are allowed to have an off day. Next time, she should leave the boys’ clothing behind and work her sexy side.

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