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Eco-friendly wedding gifts for the modern bride and groom

Let’s face it — every bride and groom has way more toasters and salad bowls than they will ever use. What’s the latest trend for wedding gifts this summer? Think eco-friendly options that the bride and groom will love — and so will Mother Nature.

handcrafted basket

A tisket, a tasket

Reclaimed wine barrel staves have character, color and history. They take on an amazing patina from years spent storing wine, and when their time is done, why not enjoy them as a beautiful piece for years to come? This handcrafted basket ($140) is made in Texas from old wine barrels staves and can be used to hold anything from magazines to bread.

wine rack

Got wine?

Bamboo is eco-friendly and a great material for so many home products. This wine rack ($30) takes up a small amount of space on the countertop, but stores up to five bottles efficiently. What better way to give a lifetime of good cheer to the bride and groom?

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recycled glass plates and bowls

Glass with class

Dinnerware is a classic wedding gift, and all too often it remains unused and stored away. The handcrafted glass used to make these beautiful and affordable recycled glass plates and bowls is so amazing you’d never know it was recycled. The underside of each piece has a bubbled texture that you can feel, but top surfaces are smooth. This set is made from post-industrial recycled glass, but the newlyweds’ guests will never know because they are so beautiful. ($18 to $78)

bamboo towel set (

Spa time

This soft bamboo towel set ($48) is a great way for the bride and groom to treat themselves to spa-type luxury every day. Bamboo is not only biodegradable, breathable and soft, it is also four times more absorbent than cotton and a sustainable resource.

heart-shaped hand-carved bowls

I heart you

What’s more romantic for a wedding gift than heart-shaped hand-carved bowls ($24/set of 3) made from beautiful olive wood? Their small size makes them perfect for so many uses in the newlywed’s new home. The bowls are treated with food-safe sunflower oil and are hand-carved from previously fallen trees. No two pieces will be identical.

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frosted, tapered glass vase

Graceful vase

A glass vase is a classic gift for the bride and groom, but a recycled glass vase as beautiful as this one takes the cake. This frosted, tapered glass vase ($38) is made in Spain of recycled glass, and is sure to become a favorite for those anniversary flowers in the years to come

Take your gifting to the next level with eco-friendly wedding gifts the newlyweds will love for years to come.

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