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Put your best foot forward

Trade in last year’s been there, done that French pedicure for something fresh and new. You’ll want to keep your toesies on permanent display with these hot summer trends.

Muggins by butter™ LONDON


Modern neutrals go way beyond beige. Look for milky white, pale gray and pale pink to show off your pretty piggies. Neutrals go well with everything from your favorite flip-flops to your best designer heels. And the barely-there color is the perfect complement to the bright and striped canvas wedges that are all the rage this summer.

Try Muggins by butter LONDON, a pale opaque that can look purple, gray or blue — depending on how the light hits it. (, $14)

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Neon Pink by by Love & Beauty®


On the opposite end of the spectrum from neutrals are the intense neon colors, from chartreuse to magenta. Thanks to celebs like Katy Perry, the wilder the nail color the better! Wear your neon toes to the beach and to casual events.

Try Neon Pink by Love & Beauty. This shade will instantly transport you back to the 1980s! (Forever 21, $3)

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Tart Deco by Essie


Coral is that timeless shade that flatters every woman and can range from the sheerest blush of color to the deepest dewy peach. Keep your summer corals from looking dated by keeping them creamy.

Try Tart Deco by Essie, a gorgeous sheer coral that combines light orange and ballet pink. To die for! (, $8)

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Floyd Ombre by The New Black™


Okay, not everyone can pull off ombre hair, but you can’t go wrong with an ombre pedicure. Each of your five toes boasts a different shade of the same color family, for outstanding results! Work your way from the big toe to the pinky toe going dark to light or light to dark… you decide.

Try Floyd Ombre by The New Black, a five-piece nail polish set featuring five gradient perfect pinks. (, $22)

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Jade Groove by Layla


You can amuse yourself for hours with a holographic pedicure. Your toes will capture light and create stunning visual effects such as swirls and rainbows. The smoother your toenails (consider buffing and priming first), the more your polish will shine.

Try Jade Groove by Layla, a “delicate flow of jades and rainbows.” (, $16)

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Cherry Red by Sally Hansen


A classic red pedicure always gives the impression of impeccable grooming. You don’t have to spend a bundle on a professional pedi to get the look. Classic reds are available from nearly every drugstore and department store brand of nail polish.

Try Cherry Red by Sally Hansen. Pair it with a casual nautical outfit or a snazzy LBD for instant glamour. (, $3)

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