5 Great ideas for creating your own potting bench

When you love plants, you need room to care for them. Potting, repotting, feeding, pruning and dividing all require space. How about a great potting bench to help organize and streamline your plant care?

Potting bench

A potting bench can be tailored to your specific situation in many different ways. It can be portable — think wheels or handles — or meant to stay in one place. You may need lots of storage space or just a small shelf for pots. Many potting benches include a dry sink or are located near an outdoor faucet for easy access to water. Decide ahead of time what configuration will work best for your space constraints and planting needs.

Clever cupboard

Whether a flea market find or a clunky old piece from your garage, an old china cabinet or wardrobe can make a great potting bench. Small drawers can be filled with pots, saucers and garden gloves, and large drawers can be filled with potting soil. Hardware hooks added to the sides are a great place to hang small shovels or hand rakes. You should remove any glass panels or mirrors that may be prone to breakage when left outdoors.


Do you have a small shed for storing tools and your lawnmower? A simple sheet of plywood attached to one side of the shed with hinged brackets may be the perfect part-time potting bench. For potting mix storage and hand tools, use either small plastic stacking bins or small garbage cans with lids. The shelf will easily fold out of the way when not in use.

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Take it with you

Sometimes you want to bring the potting implements and soil to where you need them most. You can use large plastic totes with handles that stack out of the way for storage. Carry them over to your vegetable garden or around the corner to your flower beds. One plastic tote might contain soil and fertilizers, another small pots.


Many people enjoy crafting their own potting bench using either new materials or reclaimed wood from pallets or old decking materials. By building your own, you can create exactly the size and height that suits your needs. The wood can be painted to match your outdoor furniture or in a fun shade that pops in your garden area.

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Top of the line

Looking to buy a ready-made potting bench with all of the features you love? There are unlimited options out there, from portable plastic to sturdy wood that will last season after season. Here are a few we love.

fir wood potting bench
This fir wood potting bench ($150) is weather-resistant, has a large lower shelf for storage and five handy hooks for hanging tools.

outdoor potting bench
This outdoor potting bench ($320) is made from eco-friendly eucalyptus wood, has wheels for mobility and a covered potting soil bin.

potting bench with soil reservoir
A bronze potting bench with soil reservoir ($137) is a classy option worthy of any backyard or patio.

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