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How to get a sexy summer bun

It’s the time of the year when it’s getting too hot to have your hair down. Have no fear with this sexy summer bun that will keep you looking and feeling cool for the hot summer season.

How to get a sexy summer bun
Learn from style expert sebastian Scolarici how to get a sexy summer bun.

Step 1: Brush

Brush all of your hair into a high pony tail and secure with an elastic band. If your hair tends to snag on elastic bands, try our favorite Scunci No-Slip Grip hair elastics that can be found at any drug store.

Step 2: Separate

Separate your gathered pony tail into two equal sections. If you tend to have thinner or fine hair, you can add volume by simply teasing each of the sections with a small brush or basic comb. When adding volume, try a tease comb.

Step 3: Wrapping

Once the hair is teased and separated, wrap the two sections around each other, so that they are tight. Then wrap around the base of your pony tail to create the sexy summer bun.

Step 4: Secure

Once you have finished wrapping the bun, begin to secure your finished work with long pins for an all-day hold. If your hair tends to reject the lasting hold of bobby pins, try Scunci No-Slip Grip bobby pins, found at any drugstore.

Step 5: Final touch

After your sexy summer bun is secured, add the final touch with recommended John Frieda’s Crystal Clear Hairspray to help keep your sexy summer bun in place for an all-day hold.

Tip for Blondes

By using John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hairspray, it will help to keep your hair color vibrant, while still giving you the secure hold of a hairspray.

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