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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day is just around the corner. Bringing your best friend to the office can be an excellent bonding experience and a day your pup is sure to love.

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In addition to picking out the perfect outfit, getting Fido ready for a big workday debut takes preparation. Make sure Take Your Dog to Work Day continues to be a positive experience for all pet-owners. Read on to learn everything you need to know for a successful day at the office with your favorite tail-wagging co-worker.

Be sure you’re allowed

Ask around to find out if your workplace takes part in National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Speak with your boss, human resources and co-workers to ensure that bringing your pet to the office is a positive experience for everyone. If your office has not considered taking part in the days’ festivities, work with your boss and co-workers to see if your pup can join you at the desk for one special day.

Visit the vet

Schedule a trip to the vet prior to taking your pup to work. Fido should be cleared of any potentially harmful diseases or illnesses. If your office plans to be packed with pups, make sure your pet is current on all vaccinations to prevent potential spread of disease. It is always recommended to ask your vet for copies of your pets’ current vaccination documents to bring with you.

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dog brushStop by the groomer

Just like your first day at work, your four-legged friend will want to shine at the office. It may be casual Friday, but this is a special occasion so make sure you pick out a dashing outfit that fits your work atmosphere. Nobody likes a stinky mutt or scratchy nails at work or at home. Ask the groomer to give your furry sidekick the royal treatment with a cut, shampoo, nail clipping and tooth-brushing for a promotion-worthy look.

leashProvide supervision

Even the best-behaved pup can act up in an unusual environment. Offices tend to be filled with hidden dangers for your canine companion. Pens, permanent markers and electrical cords can be extremely harmful to your pet if chewed on or ingested. De-cluttering your office space to prevent any potential mishaps creates a stress-free day for you, your pet and the entire office. As always, be mindful of your pets’ whereabouts and happenings in any environment.

Pack a “doggie bag”

Food, treats and toys are a must-have for your working dog. Pack plenty of food for your pets’ daily meals and treats to reward good behavior. Bring plenty of doggy bags and schedule hourly potty breaks. For moments of restlessness, give your pet some busy work. Chew toys, bones or any other toys your pet enjoys can help keep your pet entertained so that you can stay focused.

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