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Using Pinterest to network

As we have all heard by now, Pinterest is the greatest thing since those premade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But did you know you could use it to connect with new people who have similar interests to you? Use these tips to find your Pinterest tribe and gain new followers.

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We all know that Pinterest is the perfect place to find crafts, recipes, decorating ideas and clothes that we could never wear or afford. But did you know that you can use Pinterest to connect with others just like you? Whether you collect rare items and would like to find others doing the same or are a niche blogger and want to find other writers discussing the same thing, there are specific techniques you can use on Pinterest to connect with others who are similar to you.

Create specific boards

Whatever your special interest, create a board specific to this interest. Even if you are collecting green ceramic figurines, you can create a board with this title. As you pin and repin and pin some more, you will start to find others who like what they see and will follow your board for exactly that reason. You may have fewer followers to this board than to one you’ve created for recipes but that’s OK. The purpose of creating a specific board is to connect with specific people… to find your “tribe.”

Search Pinterest

Use the search function on Pinterest to search for your favorite subject. Maybe you love to collect antique sewing machines. Search for “sewing machines” and you may just be surprised at what you can find and the new places online those pins will lead you. For this reason, make sure you label your pins specifically. If you post a picture of a sewing machine, label it as such. Labeling it “this is so pretty” will not help anyone find it when searching Pinterest.

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The number one way to connect with new people on Pinterest is to comment on pins. If you love a dress, tried a recipe but it needed a little extra spice or just ordered that purse, comment on the pin and say so. Make sure you respond back to comments left on your pins as well. Creating a dialogue with others on Pinterest is a great way to gain followers and find others with similar taste and interests.

Seek out tastemakers

Spend some time on Pinterest finding the leaders in your area of interest. If you are a quilter and can track down a few of the most loved and followed “pinners” in the quilting area, you will quickly find lots of pins, lots of people pinning the same thing and, hopefully, make a few friends along the way.

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Follow a company or two

In general, you will find that people prefer to follow other people on Pinterest rather than follow companies, but following a company that is a leader in an industry you enjoy is never a bad idea. Seek out those that interest you most and pin what you love. Another perk of following a company is that you will get a great feel for their image. If you are a job-seeker this is never a bad thing!

So whatever you do… whether you are looking for more friends, a rare vase to complete your collection or others who share your love for unicorns and rainbows, spend a little time focusing your efforts on Pinterest and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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