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MommyStyle: 5 Date night outfits for moms

Date night is something that moms don’t get to do too often, so when there’s time to do it, you want to dress up! Here are five fashion recommendations for date night excursions!

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One of my mid-year resolutions (I made it on June 1!) is to set up a regular monthly date with my husband. It’s crazy to think that I actually have to “plan” a date night, but it’s true, I do. With four little boys, it’s not easy sneaking in some alone time for a date night with my husband anymore. It’s one of those things that you take for granted before you have kids. You just don’t stop and fully realize that when kids do come along, your date night habits change. They change a lot! So… when I do have the chance to go out with my husband, I take full advantage of the opportunity to dress up and embrace the night!

Whenever I bring up the topic of date night with my mom friends, the follow-up question usually is, “What should I wear?”

I love the question because it absolutely shows that even though we chase our kids around all day long, when it comes to date night with our husbands, we still care about how we look. There are so many different ways to dress up when it comes to heading out, and many times it depends upon where you’re going and what you’re doing.

I posed the question “What do you wear on date night?” to my mom friends online and I got some really great answers.

I love this from my friend Erica Diamond, “Anything from glasses and night cream to dress and heels!”

Loved this from @nilimonicky “Khakis, heels and a crisp men’s button down white shirt or maxi color block dress and wedges!”

And I just thought this was a great answer from Jacqueline at “We are pretty casual around here. Something a little busty and capris, maybe a day dress.”

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So without further ado, let me share five different looks for five different kinds of dates.

Heading to dinner?

Heading to dinner?

I’m all about dressing up for a dinner out. There are not many times you are able to enjoy a quiet dinner without kids, so really live it up! Opt for a gorgeous maxi dress that’s free flowing and colorful. Pair with a gorgeous pair of high espadrilles! Fashion forward but also very comfortable!

Heading to a concert?

Heading to a concert?

With summer concerts popping up everywhere right now, I thought a night out to some music would be nice. For something like a concert, I would go with a more casual summer wrap dress and dressy flip flops (yes, they exist!). Concerts are casually cool, and you want your outfit to reflect that… but still want to dress up!

Heading to the theater?

Heading to the theatre?

This would be a total highlight for me for a date night! My thought on a theater night? Dress it up and dress it up FABULOUSLY! Go for heels and a gorgeous summer dress and beautiful jewelry! This is the time to shine and really have some dress-up FUN!

Heading to a night of mini-golf and outdoor fun?

Heading to a night of mini-golf and outdoor fun?

I love an all-white look because it’s classic summer and very elegant. I always go with a basic cable-knit sweater, white jeans and a gorgeous sandal with some detail. And — of course — top it off with some beautiful jewelry!

Heading to the movies?

Heading to the movies?

Jeans all the way! I love to pair with a cropped blazer and a gorgeous silk tank top. I’m all about casually fabulous clothing for moms. I love taking a basic item and dressing it up and that’s exactly what the addition of a tank and blazer do! Not to mention, SEXY HEELS!

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