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How to Make a DIY Father’s Day Card That Matches Dad’s Favorite Shirt

Tie & hanky

To add a pocket, cut a small square of decorative paper and round-out the bottom edges. (Tip: use a circle template to get a round bottom.) Using the same paper as the personalized message, free-hand cut a small shape to serve as the hanky. Secure it to the shirt with glue or sticky tape.

Father's Day shirt card: Striped tie and pocket hanky
Image: Melissa Dunlap/SheKnows

Bow tie & buttons

To add a bow tie, cut a small rectangle and slightly snip the corners on a diagonal. Add buttons by using a hole punch. Secure it to the shirt with a dab of glue or sticky tape.

Father's Day shirt card: Bowtie and buttons
Image: Melissa Dunlap/SheKnows

Wrapping paper also works as a substitute for cardstock or decorative scrapbooking paper. This one was made from leftover Christmas wrapping paper. Wrapping paper wrinkles a little easier, though, so if you’re using it, plan to make one as a mockup or be very precise when making the first folds.

Father's Day shirt card: Plaid shirt
Image: Melissa Dunlap/SheKnows

There you have it!

Father's Day shirt cards
Image: Melissa Dunlap/SheKnows
Father's Day shirt card
Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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