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How to look unforgettable at the pool this summer

Few things can strike fear in the hearts of women like swimsuit season. With some exception, most of us live in a place where we are more or less covered from head to toe much of the year. Then summer arrives and with it the expectation that we are going to stomp around in something more revealing than our underwear. Read this so you can stop feeling terrified and start feeling terrific.

Proud woman in bathing suit

To look unforgettable in your swimsuit, you need two things — confidence and attitude. Unlike a swimsuit, sun hat and sunscreen, you can’t run to the mall and pick these two things up off the shelves. These two things are difficult to obtain, but not impossible.

It’s all in the ‘tude

Looking unforgettable at the pool starts long before you actually go to the pool. You are going to have to get in your swimsuit, look in the mirror and practice being at one with your reflection. Here is where much of the attitude comes in.

The first step is seeing the good, not the bad. Maybe you have a pancake butt but a pretty face. Good for you! If it were the other way around, you might have trouble. After all, people see your face every day. They only see your scantily clad tookus a couple of times a year, right?

See how this works? Maybe you have bingo arms but great gams. If you wear high heels with your swimsuit, and resist the urge to wave at the pool attendant for a drink, your legs will steal all the attention from your arms. Maybe you have a bit more of a gut than you’d like, but your chest looks amazing in your swimsuit. Buy a suit that hoists the girls up and cinches in your waist, and you will stand out.

There is always someone who looks better and always someone who looks worse

There is one simple rule to remember when it comes to having poolside confidence. There will always be someone who looks a lot better. And there will always be someone who looks a lot worse. Memorize that. As long as you find yourself somewhere in the middle, be happy with that. If you have confidence, it shows in how you carry yourself around the pool and nothing is sexier. The message you are projecting is, “Yeah, I know my a** jiggles when I walk. It’s my a**. You think I haven’t noticed? But I’m so much more than my bouncy butt and I’m not going to let it or my swimsuit define me.”

Don’t look now, but you might actually start to enjoy yourself!

When you start to shift how you think, you will relax and enjoy yourself. And when you’re having fun, you look confident and sexy. You have to work hard at those things, but once you have them, they are invaluable. That’s why you can’t buy them at any price.

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