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4 Celebrity manicure inspirations

Looking to do something a little different with your nails? Get inspired by today’s hottest celebrities with these trendy manicure inspirations.

Zoeey Deschanel's ring finger nail polish

Ring finger color

One of the hottest nail trends right now is to paint your ring finger with a completely different polish than the rest. Often called a statement manicure or accent finger manicure, we aren’t sure how or why this trend started, but we’ve seen it on a number of celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens, Whitney Port, Rihanna and Beyonce. You can use the same polish on all your nails and just add a nail art or a glitter top coat to your ringer finger. Or if you want something more dramatic, paint all your nails in a neutral polish and your ring finger in a bright or neon shade.

Blue nail polishBold blues

If you want to buy one color of polish this summer, make it blue. From pale baby blue lacquer at the office to bright turquoise polish at the beach, you can wear blue nail polish almost anywhere. We’ve seen dozens of celebrities sporting blue nail polish in recent months including Beyonce — who probably wears blue nail color in honor of her baby Blue Ivy.

Metallic shades

Metallic shades of nail polish are hot, hot, hot. You can wear a metallic top coat over your regular color for some shimmer or wear metallic lacquer on its own. Celebrities have been spotted on the runways and city streets wearing shimmery gold nail polish all year. We loved Jennifer Lopez’s gold manicure at the Oscars.

Pastel hues

Jessica Alba, Ginnifer Goodwin, Paris Hilton, Michelle Trachtenberg and a number of other celebs have been seen wearing pastel nail polish in recent months. From pretty lilac to mint green to pale pink, the soft, feminine pastels are trendy without looking overdone. If you want to add some glamour to your pastel nails, add a glitter or high-gloss top coat. You can also incorporate pastel polish into the ombre look which has been popular for the past year or so.


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