Design Star season 7: Kardashian office makeover

Style icon and entrepreneur Kris Jenner made a guest judge appearance on last night’s Design Star. See if the designers were able to create a stylish space that’s worthy of keeping up with the fast-paced Kardashian crew.

HGTV Design Star Season 7

When host David Bromstad announced “momager” Kris Jenner would be joining Vern Vip and Genevieve Gorder as guest judge, we knew the designers would have to bring it to impress the famous style setter. The designers were paired off and given three days to overhaul the new Jenner Communications building from drab to fab. The surprise kicker? A double elimination was at stake.

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Jenner’s wishlist included spaces that were reminiscent of old Hollywood glam, were multifunctional for business use and showcased the Kardashian brand and products.

Results of the Kardashian office makeover:

Kris Jenner’s office

Designed by Rachel Kate and Stanley Palmieri

Kris Jenner's office designed by Rachel Kate & Stanley Palmieri

After narrowly avoiding a Christmas-themed conundrum with a red side table and green couch, the pair hit it out of the park with a chartreuse-hued sofa combined with a subdued black, silver and white color combo. Jenner admitted that, “I never in a million years would have chosen that green color, and I fell in love.”

Stanley wowed the crowd with a wall art interpretation of a tennis bracelet and diamond combo — a perfect fit for the jewelry-adorned Kardashian crew. It also earned him a spot as challenge winner.

Reception area

Designed by Kris Swift and Miera Melba

Jenner Communications reception area designed by Kris Swift & Miera Melba

From the get-go, Kris and Miera butted heads immediately after the consultation with Jenner. The drama for your mamma continued as Kris got a wee bit bossy and Miera got teary after a confrontation. Bromstad stepped in for a pep talk and soon the pair started playing nice. Luckily, they pulled together a great room. “I’m blown away by how professional and sleek this looks,” said judge Vern Yip.

Conference room

Designed by Britany Simon and Mikel Welch

Kardashian conference room designed by Britany Simon & Mikel Welch

The pair had a drama-free working relationship, which translated to a sophisticated design that actually looked like a real, working conference room. The sleek office furniture paired nicely with the dimensional mirrored wall installation and graphic wallpaper.

Kitchen/Break room

Designed by Danielle Colding and Hilari Younger

Kardashian kitchen room designed by Danielle Colding & Hilari Younger

Danielle and Hilari were tasked with designing the break room area that also included a PR closet. The design was pulling together nicely until Danielle got restless hands and decided to rip some wallpaper off the wall. Hilari got to work repairing the blunder and after a coat of paint, settled on covering up the blemish with a curtain.

Jenner was attracted to the bling of the jeweled wallpaper and thought the kitchen looked like a cute little bistro, but the other judges were less than pleased with the wall fiasco and lackluster accessorizing. “I was bummed out by these wing walls,” says Yip. “They really did not match the polish and the luxury that the client is expecting.” Luckily, Danielle already showed her skills with a dramatic graphic space in last week’s White Room Challenge and the ladies are returning next week.

Showroom/Lounge area

Designed by Bex Hale and Luca Paganico

Kardashian showroom designed by Bex Hale & Luca Paganico

The team had a mini-meltdown when trying to select the accessories for the room, but the relationship really took a dive when each designer tried to fire the other on day two. Initially Jenner seemed satisfied with the room noting that it looked like a boutique. The other judges, however, were all over the design, criticizing the furniture scale for being off. According to Yip, the center island “looked like the children’s table at Thanksgiving.” Gorder also knocked Luca for sounding like a “used car salesman” in his presentation of the room.

Ultimately, Bex and Luca where eliminated from the show. Bex admitted that the design wasn’t her best work saying, she was a “great designer, but not under great pressure.” Luca opted to pass the blame saying, “I was teamed up with somebody that was not even remotely in the same ballpark of design as I was.”

Sadly it’s curtains for the fashionable Bex (we’ll miss her fiery red hair!) and thoroughly confident Luca.

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