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Could you stay in an urban hotel?

Imagine you’re traveling to a big city, like New York City, for just one night. However, instead of staying at a posh hotel, you’re booked in a pod-like structure that’s solar powered, uses a rainwater recycling system and features a bicycle in your room for trips and exercise.

Urban hotel

Sounds like something from an episode of the Jetsons, right? Well, this space-aged concept isn’t going to be just an idea for long. The concept is trending and winning over some big-name potential clients.

You’ve heard of Alicia Silverstone, right? Well, she recently posted on her website about the urban hotel concept, which got her fans and the news buzzing about the eco-friendly idea. The concept was created by designers Lo Li-Te, Tai-Yen Lee, Cheng-Yu, Tsai Zong-Huei and Hsu Song-Jung Chen.

What exactly will this hotel do?

In terms of saving the environment, well, just about everything. These urban hotels (which are meant to be placed in metropolitan cities) will be completely solar powered and will feature an innovative rainwater recycling system, which will also provide the guests with cleaner energy. This hotel will also provide a bicycle in every room that serves more than one purpose. In addition to providing the guests with an eco-friendly way to get around the city, it hooks up to an adapter in the room which turns the bike into a stationary exercise bike. Then, the exercise bike converts the bike’s pedaling into kinetic energy to power the room. Not only do you get a way to power your room, but with each stay, you are also getting your own source of transportation! Save that cab money for wine instead!

Where can you find an urban hotel?

Although this hotel idea is still very much conceptual, the designers plan to work with a city’s urban planners to set up these hotel pods conveniently located nearby large parks and big sights. The point is to provide guests with an incredibly unique and environmentally friendly place to stay while keeping them close to the city’s main sights, views and attractions.

What will it look like?

Although it’s hard to tell what the exact hotels will look like, these conceptual drawings provided by the designers give people a keen insight as to how these will look. The interiors of the room are very minimalistic, sleek and a tad futuristic. According to Yanko Design, each hotel will only have four rooms and one communal bathroom, which you’ll receive a check-in card to use. They provide you with just the bare essentials. If you’re someone who is looking for luxury and plush accommodations, this is not your kind of place. You will not find 600-thread count sheets on these beds.

Tell us

What do you think? Could you give up your lamps, private bathroom and flat screen TV on your next stay in the city? Is this design taking eco-friendly a little too far? Share your thoughts with us below!

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