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How to mix up your simple summer style

Do you tend to keep things simple for your summer fashion style? Mix it up this summer with these tips!

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Brighten up!

One of this summer’s biggest trends is the colors, and it’s the one trend you just can’t pass up. Gone are the neutral shades of fall and fresh pastels of spring. This summer, the brighter, the better! It doesn’t matter what color you like the best — any color will do as long as it’s bright and bold. If you’re afraid of the “look at me” shades you see in stores, start small. Add a bright belt or bag to a neutral outfit. Before you know it, you’ll be fluorescent from head to toe!

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Flowers are everywhere this summer, and they’re a must in every wardrobe. If you’re not into floral prints, there are other ways to add them in. Look for sandals with floral embellishments, a necklace with a floral charm or one big flower to wear in your hair.


Maybe it’s because everyone hopes for a beach vacation, but the nautical look seems to be a big hit every summer. It’s a little more hip this summer, with the addition of the new color block trend. Also, when you’re looking for prints, think whales and octopuses instead of the anchors and fish we’ve seen in seasons past.

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Belt it

Belts, belts, belts! This summer, everything has a belt on it, and it’s a look we love! Pull out your favorite sundress (no one cares if it’s from last summer) and add a thin belt to bring it up to date.

Show some leg!

As always, the hottest shorts this season are the ones that are super short. If you’re not confident enough to bare that much, try balancing out the look with a flowy top, or shortening the amount of leg you show with flats instead of heels.

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Dresses are also super short this summer. In fact, if you have a light tunic still lingering in your closet from spring, throw a belt on it and you’ve got yourself a sexy summer dress.

Snakeskin shoes

There’s nothing like a little animal print to make your daytime outfit nighttime ready. Instead of leopard or zebra, throw in some snakeskin. This trend is especially popular with shoes, and in tons of colors.

Bright nails

This summer’s bright colors don’t stop with your clothes. In fact, they keep going all the way to the tips of your fingers! Skip your standard pink and red nail polishes this summer. Instead, go for yellow, blue, green, purple and any other bright shade you love.

Quick Tip

Don’t jump in with both feet — it can be overwhelming. Make little changes to your style and work up to the bigger ones.

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