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Discover your summer style

There’s nothing like the feeling of shedding that heavy winter clothing in favor of the light and flirty outfits of summer. We all love to show off our summer style. What’s yours?

woman ready for the beach

Beachy glam

The heat of the summer doesn’t melt away your fashion sense! Ladies who rock the beachy glam look know exactly how to look hot while keeping cool. The base of a beachy glam look is perfect, sun-kissed skin, but you don’t have to subject yourself to the sun’s harsh rays to get it. Consider a spray tan, or even an at-home bronzer. Keep your hair down and flowing, but if you must pull it up, keep it loose. Go all natural for the makeup, using neutral shades to show off your true summer beauty, and let your clothes add the pops of color — the brighter, the better! If you like the beachy glam look, you’ll love maxi dresses with strappy sandals, short shorts with high heels, and funky jewelry made with stones rather than gems. And don’t forget those shades, ladies — the bigger, the better.

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Music festival-inspired

You know what it means to truly rock out, and you want to keep it going all summer. If you’re on the hunt for a music festival-inspired look, think light, airy and a little skin-baring. After all, it’s hot outside, so no one covers up completely at these events. Go for tiny shorts, tank tops and short sundresses. Have fun with your accessories, like big chunky bracelets and long earrings. As far as your footwear goes, ditch the heels and wedges — no one can dance all day in those things. Instead, opt for something sensible but still fashion forward, like gladiator sandals or espadrilles. You’ll need a bag to haul your stuff all day, so choose a big backpack or over the shoulder bag so you can groove with both hands. You’ll also want a hat to protect your head from the sun, but stay away from those big floppy numbers you see at the beach. Instead, look for a straw fedora.

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Casual and classic

Some things rarely change, and that’s not always a bad thing. If you like to keep it casual and classic through the summer months, you’re one of many. To pull off this look, go for neutral with pops of color. Your best bet is to start with denim, white, black or khaki, and add pops of bright colors like red, pink, blue or coral. Go with smaller sunglasses and a straw bag, but don’t be afraid to infuse color with either. Keep a few light cotton-blend dresses on hand, and sport flats and sandals most of the time. When you need to pull out heels, think nude — they go with just about anything and let your clothing do the talking. The best thing about this look is that it’s not too extreme and doesn’t change drastically from year to year, so you should be able to reuse pieces summer after summer.

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Quick tip

Remember, you don’t have to stick with one of these styles all summer. Change it up every day as it suits your mood!

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