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The best swimsuit fit for your body type

Whether you’re a curvy lady or a busty goddess, every woman can successfully rock a swimsuit with confidence. The key, of course, is finding the right fit for your body type. We’ve compiled the best swimsuit fit suggestions for any type of frame.

variety of bodytypes in suits

Bigger on the bottom

If you have round hips and bigger thighs, don’t attempt to hide them with boy shorts. Boy short bottoms tend to cut off the thigh, creating the illusion of your legs being shorter and chunkier than they actually are. It might seem counterintuitive, but finding a suit with a higher cut will make your legs look lengthy and thinner. Plus, your legs will draw focus away from problem areas. Tankini styles are great for this, or just bare it in that string bikini!

Straight up and down

If you’re smaller in the chest and hips area and have a “straight up and down” look, curves can be created with the right swimsuit shape. Ruffle details around the bust and hip area will fill out those areas. Plus, ruffles add cute girly detail that you can’t find on more athletic suits. Other feminine details like bows and rings will also make the best of lanky frames.

To cover that tiny belly

Feel the need to cover up that little pooch? Go for bikini bottoms with a higher waistline that cut off below the belly button, but right before your problem area. This way, the poochy area looks smooth and covered by a pattern. Retro cuts are great for high-waisted styles, but vertical lines can also draw attention away from problem areas.

Pear shaped

If your overall shape gets larger as you move down your frame, but you’re still curvy up top, odds are you have a pear shape. To show off your lovely body, go for a bikini that is high rise in the leg area and high waisted, covering the belly. Draw focus away from your lower areas with a cute printed top with ornate details.

Large in the bust

Blessed in the chest area? There’s no harm in showing them off, but make sure they don’t pop out. Get full coverage with supportive cups that feature thick halter straps. The straps will even out the rest of your shape and make your chest appear smaller. Find a bikini top with support. Many brands offer wired options that make sure those ladies don’t fall down.

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