Tacky versus classy: How to accessorize a bathing suit

Being brave enough to get into a swimsuit is half the battle. After losing that holiday weight, you’re ready to rock it and look your best. Rather than simply showing off your new figure, you want to look fashionable too, but don’t try too hard. Here are the swimsuit accessory trends you should avoid and ones you should totally rock.

summer swimsuit coverup


Avoid wearing heels to the pool at all costs — especially anything that would make a better fit at an evening event. Even during the Miss USA pageant, heels seem a little out of place with swimwear. Realistically, they would be impossible to wear on the beach without tripping in the sand. Wearing a pair to your local pool just reeks of trying too hard. If you want to give your petite frame a long-legged boost, pair your swimsuit with some simple, subtle summer wedges in bright colors and macrame bottoms.


Never, ever wear a tight cotton dress to a pool party and expect to not end up with “drip boobs.” As soon as you take a dip in the pool and throw your cover-up back on, you’re going to wind up with soaking spots under one of the areas you want the least attention. Instead, opt for a loose fitting cover-up that skips the curve-hugging for classy subtlety. Think bohemian chic. Go a bit sexy with a semi-see through, loose-fitting number.


This season brings so many cute summer hat possibilities that they’re simply impossible to avoid! That means there’s no excuse to show up at your next party in a baseball hat or visor to avoid the sun. Instead, opt for a cute, big, floppy brimmed hat. The style rekindles images of classic Barbie dolls and ’40s screen sirens. If the floppy hat isn’t your style, go for something with equal appeal like the boater hat. The straw design is less feminine than the floppy hat, but you bring the feminine appeal with those amazing curves!


When it comes to poolside jewelry, less is more. Make sure you take a look at this summer’s trends and choose one piece of jewelry to bring out the print in your bikini. For example, if you’re donning a darling floral print suit, choose some cute feather earrings to complete your indie chic look. Skip heavy jewelry, unless you have no intention to go into the pool. And let’s face it — what’s the point of a pool party without taking a refreshing dip in the party’s main focus?

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