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Sexy cities: Top destinations for a summer fling

If you are single and looking to mingle, start planning a summer vacation to one of these sexy cities. These top destinations are perfect for a summer fling.

summer fling

Though the dating site Plenty of Fish recently announced Salt Lake City as the number one destination for a summer fling, we have our own ideas. Check out our list of the best cities in the U.S. and around the globe for a hot summer romance.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offers hot beaches and sexy bodies — the perfect recipe for a summer fling. Though Carnaval is over, the party never stops in Rio de Janeiro. If you are looking to head out of the country for a steamy summer, Rio is one of the best places to be.


This summer, say oui to Paris. Considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is a hot destination for summer vacations and sexy flings. If it’s not the people that seduce you, it will be the architecture, fashion and food of Paris. While in Europe, you can also travel to other sexy cities from Venice to Vienna.


You don’t have to leave the States to have a hot time this summer. Miami offers all the action you could ask for. Known for its beautiful beaches, unparalleled nightlife and sexy people, Miami is the perfect destination for a steamy summer fling. So grab your bathing suit and book your trip to Florida.

Montego Bay

Stella (Angela Bassett) knew what she was doing when she went to Montego Bay, Jamaica, to get her groove back. She hooked up with Taye Diggs for a sexy summer fling. Jamaica is an amazing place to soak up the sun and the scenery, and if you hook up with someone special, that’s a bonus.

San Diego

On the west coast, you can find a number of hot spots for summer lovin’ from Malibu to San Francisco. Our favorite is down south in San Diego. With fabulous weather and so much to do, you are sure to meet plenty of people while vacationing in San Diego.

New York

While a beach vacation is perfect for some, many people love the city. One of the hottest urban vacation destinations for arts, culture and sports, New York is popular among singles too. While experiencing some of the best nightclubs, restaurants and events in the world, you also may find romance along the way. Though you might not meet your soul mate in Manhattan, you’ll certainly find plenty of single people looking to have some fun.

Las Vegas

We couldn’t finish the list without mentioning Sin City. For a hot time this summer, pack your bags and head to Vegas for non-stop action 24/7. One of the best things about going to Vegas is that getting there is cheap. You can find affordable flights from almost anywhere in the country, and once you are on the Strip, you certainly won’t have trouble meeting anyone.

Quick tip

Even if you aren’t a gambler, you can enjoy yourself in Las Vegas. Read more about the things to do in Vegas whether you are alone, with your girlfriends or with your family.

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