Outdoor furniture you can invite inside

Outdoor furniture has come a long way since the old metal furniture of our childhood. Outdoor rooms now rival indoor spaces as comfortable places to relax and hang out. We found some amazing pieces that are intended for outdoors but are happy to be invited inside instead.

Dune nesting tables with glass

Nesting time

When company comes to visit, it seems there are never enough tables for drinks and snacks. These Dune nesting tables with glass ($299/set of two) are made of outdoor-quality stainless steel with a sleek, modern look. With classy lines like these, how could you just leave them on the patio?

Sierra outdoor wooden bar table

Raise the bar

Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own home bar, without taking up too much space? This Sierra outdoor wooden bar table ($369) is the perfect size for a game room or family room. It has shelves on one side for storing glasses, drinks and food. Why just make it stay outside by the pool? Don’t forget to buy some little drink umbrellas — you might need them.

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Sahara all-weather wicker coffee table

White wash

Looking for something a bit more romantic to complement your shabby-chic decor? This Sahara all-weather wicker coffee table ($190) in white looks like it belongs in a cottage family room. Wicker is strong and easy to care for, and since this piece is intended for outdoor use it will last beautifully indoors. White is everywhere in home decor now, so why not jump on the bandwagon?

Chesapeake console table

Side order

The Chesapeake console table ($294) would be just as perfect sitting off to the side in your dining room as it would be next to your hot tub outside. Crafted of beautiful moisture-resistant eucalyptus wood, this table will stand the test of time in your home.

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Rania accent table

Punch of red

Need a dash of color in your kitchen or family room? Everyone has a corner that needs a small table and what is more fun that a bright pop of red? The Rania accent table ($90) is meant for your patio, but the brightly colored ceramic tiles and wrought-iron base make it bright spot indoors.

Chatham buffet

Crowd control

When you have guests over for a buffet-style meal, you need extra space to handle the essentials. What piece is better suited indoors or out than the Chatham buffet ($799)? This gorgeous buffet is made of mahogany with an antique brass finish on the hardware. With adjustable shelves and a wide overhanging top, you will wonder how you ever managed without this piece.

With outdoor furniture this beautiful, you may never leave it outside again.

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