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How to get a Hollywood glow

Ever want that sunny glow all the starlets of Hollywood have? By following a few of these basic, easy steps, you can be on your way with a glow that will set you apart from the crowd.

Hayden Panettiere

Step 1: Pick your foundation

Grab any foundation that you currently use — no need to go to the store and pick up the newest, latest brand, ladies. Note, however, that not all foundations are the same. Do you notice breakouts after a couple of hours in your foundation? Dry skin? Take in consideration your skin type and pick the best foundation that fits your skin.

Step 2: Apply your foundation

Apply your foundation to your “T-zone” — across your forehead, then down your nose and chin (forming the letter “T”). By applying foundation to your T-zone, you are laying a base for the later steps. Just like a house, you need a foundation.

illuminator creamStep 3: Grab that illuminating cream

Once your foundation has been applied, take some illuminating cream and squirt a moderate amount on the back of your hand.

mix illuminating cream and lotionStep 4: Mix illuminating cream and foundation

Using the foundation you just applied, add it to the illuminating cream, creating a 50/50 mixture of foundation and illuminating cream. Mix well. In need of illuminating cream? Retailers from Walgreens to Nordstrom carry various brands of this product.

Step 5: Apply to skin

Once mixed, begin to work it into your temples, cheeks, nose and chin. If you’re wearing a low-cut shirt, blouse or dress, add a little around the chest area. By doing so, you are accentuating the neck line as well as covering all the skin in that area so it won’t look uneven.

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