Making money from home

So you have made the decision to stay home… now what? How can you create a rainy day fund from the comforts of your home or even start your own business without changing out of your slippers each day? Five pros give you tips on how to make an income in your pj’s.

Mom working from home

You’ve just dropped the last of your kids off at day camp, finished your coffee, your laundry and even managed a shower, with plenty of time to spare before you need to hop in the van and pick them up again. Could it be that you finally have time to take on a job from home? Maybe it’s possible to bring in a little extra spending money but still have the flexibility you need to keep your family moving?

Here are five jobs that you can manage from home and even have a little fun in the process:

Community event coordinator

Many communities hoping to attract more business have started online networks to get the word out on the latest happenings and the best place for an afternoon play date. Companies like Macaroni Kid hire work-from-home staff to do just that. “My business partner and I fill our newsletter’s calendar with as many local kid and family friendly events we can find. We also include articles that pertain to our area that are family oriented.” says Evonne Umbel, publisher of Macaroni Kid South Hills out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. “With both of my kids in school full time, I usually work on the newsletter during school hours, this gives me the rest of the day to do anything non-work related and spend quality time with my family.”

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cupcakeCooking/baking from home

Do you have a family recipe that everyone says could make a fortune? Why not think about turning that product into profit. Catha Thomas of C.T. Treats has done just that with her famous granola recipes. “Despite the stressors of being the primary decision maker for my business, it has been rewarding. I have been able to help a lot of people with various dietary needs and I’ve met a lot of people on this path — some of whom have become dear friends.” Selling her own products is something Catha takes great pride in and enjoys the financial freedom it allows, “I hope that I can continue to help people and produce a good product that people can trust.”

Online shop owner

Franchesca Cox of Small Bird Studios has enjoyed the opportunities creating her own artwork to sell online has given her. “It is no secret that working from home can be one of the most challenging jobs, especially when raising kids. It’s that thought though, that keeps me going on the days that I feel completely wiped out – the privilege to watch my son grow up every moment of every day is worth every second of it. It also helps that I’ve found the one thing I never get tired of making.” Cox, the creator of the “perfect marriage of Instagram and subway art” says it’s important to “stay refreshed, energized and passionate about running my small business.”

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Freelance writer/editor

If you have a talent for the written word or a passion for making sure everything is perfectly punctuated, a job in writing or editing may be for you. Morgan Benzian, freelance writer and editor, says it may be difficult to find a position at first, but it is well worth the dedication. “It was part luck and timing, but mostly hard work and persistence. I would tell anyone who wants this kind of job to do whatever they can to get face time with as many decision makers as possible and make a point to highlight your talents and accomplishments, whether that is blogging, knowledge of social media, or SEO skills.” And as for how she manages life at home with two young children as her work-from-home career has flourished? “I bit the bullet and hired a nanny for my 2-year old and my 4.5 year old goes to school during the day. I work a lot at night, too. I wish I had more time during the day to dedicate to work, but it’s hard to balance work with being a mom — especially because the internet never stops.”

wineWine consultant

Wait? Can you really work from home while chatting about wine? Believe it or not, yes you can. Wines for Humanity, a relatively new company, hires independent consultants to host wine-tasting parties with part of the proceeds going to charity. Vicky Eberly, a wine consultant for Wines for Humanity, loves the chance to connect with so many amazing people and is thrilled she can work around her husband and kids’ schedules. “I look at our family calendar, decide when I want to work that month and book clients around our schedule.” Eberly adds, “it’s nice to be able to contribute to the family income but not be gone for long hours at a time and it feels great to know that a portion of our sales go to charity.”

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