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The Rachel Zoe Project‘s Jeremiah Brent dishes on design

Who wouldn’t want a few inside tips on home decor from a pro? You don’t need a budget like the rich and famous — just a few tips will do the trick. SheKnows got the inside word from The Rachel Zoe Project’s, Jeremiah Brent.

Jeremiah Brent

Anyone into fashion (and reality TV) knows the name Rachel Zoe. The fashion stylist/designer’s brand has grown, and Jeremiah Brent, interior designer and cast member of the Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project, is head of her company’s home division.

Jeremiah is a busy designer, but he still makes time for community based activities. He most recently worked with resource 100% Natural Spring Water on an event to support Women Empowered, a local Los Angeles nonprofit that mentors women and provides volunteer services to local shelters.

As an artist, Jeremiah has an eye for both fashion and interior design. SheKnows was lucky to have a few interior design questions answered by Jeremiah. Check out these tips that anyone on any type of budget can use to give a home some serious style.

SheKnows: What are your go-to items for interior design right now?

Jeremiah: I think the most obvious is color, but in unexpected areas. Introduce new interesting art that you might shy away from normally. Bring in plants that add a level of playfulness and whimsy. Take risks!

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SheKnows: What can the average person with limited creative skills do to add something special to one room in the house?

Jeremiah: My approach to interior design is that you should curate every space. Mix and match different brands. Play with different types of juxtapositions. Make your space feel as though you have been collecting pieces for years, even if that’s not the case.

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SheKnows: What colors or patterns are you using to make a statement?

Jeremiah: Right now I’m obsessed with navy. Navy everything! I’m also really in love with a monochromatic room with pops of color. I just redid my house in all black and white, with touches of vintage bourbon-colored leather.

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SheKnows: Any key design tips to leave with our readers?

Jeremiah: My biggest tip has been, and always will be, to break the rules! Your home should be an extension of your own inner beauty. Play with different aesthetics, challenge yourself with different textures and colors and force yourself to get out of the “paint-by-numbers” design that so many have been taught. Anything is possible!

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