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Decorating Diva: Must-have summer style

Welcome to Decorating Diva, where every week we share fresh, fun ways to update your home and spice up your living space! Wondering what the hottest home decor trends are for summer? Look no further! We share six ways to give your home and yard a get-noticed summer update.

Decorating Diva

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Welcome to Decorating Diva, where every week we share fresh, fun ways to update your home and spice up your living space! Wondering what the hottest home decor trends are for summer? Look no further! We share six ways to give your home and yard a get-noticed summer update.

To get the summer decor scoop, we spoke with Blanche Garcia, owner of B. Garcia Designs and interior designer of Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel. She shares six trends to try as the weather heats up. “It’s easy to update for summer. All you need are some fresh flowers, open windows, a little music and some fresh lemonade with lemon wedges and it atomically feels like summer,” she tells us.

Woolly Pocket

Vertical gardens

Look up — way up. One of the top trends of the summer season has gardens going vertical. “Vertical gardens are great for both outdoor and indoor spaces,” says Garcia. Not only do they add gorgeous greenery, they raise the H2O level in your home and optimize space. “I think that for summer, vertical gardens are not only a trend but a really great idea, especially if you live in the city. They’re a fun way to bring the outdoors in for small spaces.”

Also known as living walls or wall gardens, these unconventional green spaces are popping up everywhere, from large swaths of outdoor walls to cozy apartments. Achieving the look doesn’t have to be daunting, says Garcia. Products like Woolly Pocket (various sizes, $40 to $150), seen above, make it easy to create a living wall anywhere. Flora Grubb Gardens’ Vertical Succulent Garden DIY Panel ($79) is another way to test out your vertical green thumb — indoors or out.

Antibes Chevron

Outdoor fabric — indoors

This summer is all about merging outdoor and indoor styles, most notably when it comes to fabric. “A lot of people are using outdoor fabric indoors because it’s so durable, doesn’t fade and can take any spills,” explains Garcia. “Using outdoor fabrics in high traffic areas makes sense. Why not bring them indoors?” You can use these fabrics anywhere — from dining-room chairs to sofas. And if you’re worried about the overall level of sophistication, don’t be. “So many companies have beautiful outdoor fabrics that look like they can go indoors. They really are indoor/outdoor options,” she tells us.

Two options include Sunbrella and Schumacher (seen above in Antibes Chevron), who offer a wide selection of indoor/outdoor fabrics in on-trend colors and patterns.

outdoor chandeliers

Indoor-inspired outdoor pieces

We have outdoor fabric moving inside and indoor furniture moving outdoors. “The trend right now is outdoor sets that don’t look like outdoor sets — lines are getting blurred,” says Garcia. Expect to see outdoor furniture that looks like indoor sets — but designed with outdoor use in mind. We’re even seeing outdoor chandeliers. We like this one that adds rustic elegance to any yard ($160).

The backyard is not as much of a separate outdoor space as it once was. People have outdoor kitchens and accessories we’re used to seeing inside — the yard has become an extension of the home, Garcia explains. “People are taking less vacations in summer, and instead putting more effort into their outdoor space.”

Bocce Ball

Backyard gaming areas

Get ready to get your game on this summer. “A lot of people integrating old games like bocce into their outdoor space. They’re trying to turn areas of their yard into an outdoor play area,” says Garcia. And why not? Not only are games a great way to get the family together or keep guests entertained, a game area adds a sense of playfulness to your outdoor space. “We’re seeing lots of retro-inspired games and yards becoming family play areas,” she notes. “You can go a little crazy with it and the look lends itself to having a more playful area outside”

Bistro table

Strategic use of outdoor space

Aside from gaming areas, this summer is all about maximizing your outdoor space and making the best use of it for entertaining and relaxation. No longer are we seeing one large patio table, but multiple tables, explains Garcia. “People are starting to use their outdoor space in new ways,” she says. Smaller groupings of tables can be more conducive to mingling. Rather than everyone relegated to one area, they can move around and talk to more people. “More people are entertaining this summer and they’re creating spaces that serve more uses and are adapted better to entertaining.”

Quick tip

Create three or four groupings of tables and chairs around your yard (depending on size). We love the idea of bistro tables to invoke the feel of that perfect restaurant back patio you never want to leave.

Bold pillows

Bold color and patterns

Move over neutrals; bright color is taking over this summer. “People are being more daring. We’re seeing a lot more color outdoors this summer,” Garcia notes. Get-noticed patterns are also popping up more and more, especially indoors. “Floras, just like in fashion are big right now, and have really been taking over,” she says. Patterns that we’re used to seeing on outdoor furniture are showing up inside (think pops of color, the aforementioned florals and polka dots). You don’t have to deck your whole house out in beachy brights, but do add an outdoor-inspired accent here and there. “You don’t have to do it everywhere. Just get a yard of fabric to cover a chair, do a pillow case, or even placemats,” the designer says. “It’s an affordable, fresh take on things.”

The main thing is to have fun. “Everything goes right now — people are being more adventurous,” Garcia says. Inject a little color and a sense of playfulness into your summer decor inside and out.

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