Portable fans help make summer days cooler

When the temperature outside is rising, nothing feels better than a cool breeze wafting over your body. Portable fans are great for every room in your house, and come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Check out these stylish choices we found and feel your body temperature start to cool.

retro desktop fan

Going retro

Need to feel some cool breezes in your home office? The Fargo retro desktop fan ($300) brings a touch of days gone by to any desktop. The satin nickel and chrome finish fits nicely with any office decor. In fact, it looks so cool you may find that it migrates from your desk to other rooms in the house.

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Rooster fan

Fun fans

Sometimes staying cool should be just a bit fun. Why not bring this country rooster fan ($100) into your kitchen for a whimsical touch? An animal fan is unexpected and blends in with your country kitchen decor. Maybe you prefer a frog or an owl? So many animal fans are available, you might find yourself with an entire zoo.

Ecco desk fan

Handmade perfection

Why keep buying cheaply made fans and replacing them every year? This Ecco desk fan ($88) is handmade in India using old-world craftsmanship, and is built to last for years. This simple design is available in five finishes to complement any decor. It is made of solid metal components with polished aluminum blades. Why stop at one?

Vornado personal air circulator

Quiet breezes

This Vornado personal air circulator ($20) cools the whole room down quickly. The Vornado comes in an interesting novelty shape and uses unique technology to ensure quiet operation. This cool portable fan also features an adjustable tilt head that is capable of moving air up to 20 feet.

Chillout compact fan

Hip way to chill

The Chillout compact fan ($15) is a hip way to stay cool, without breaking the bank. It comes in turquoise and five other colors guaranteed to help you keep your cool while looking cool at the same time.

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Dyson 10 inch table fan

Top of the line

Want the most modern fan in your home? The Dyson 10-inch table fan ($300) uses bladeless technology to generate smooth, cool air with no buffeting. Since it has no fast-spinning blades, it’s safe around children and easy to clean. This particular model offers a dimmer-switch power control and 90-degree oscillation.

Staying cool this summer just got more stylish with this collection of cool fans.

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