Look, we'd all love to have the cash to buy our dad a brand-new iPad for Father's Day. He totally deserves it, but even an older model is going to set you back a few hundo. So we're setting up a little piggy bank fund to shell out some cash for the gadget next year — and making a super-cute iDad Father's Day card he'll totally appreciate in the meantime.

This easy-to-make card is also perfect for dads who already have — and are totally obsessed with — an iPad.


  • 2 pieces 8-1/2 x 11-inch black card stock or construction paper
  • 1 piece 8-1/2 x 11-inch white card stock or copy paper
  • iDad card template
  • iDad envelope template
  • Cutting mat
  • X-Acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper
  • Glue stick
  • Spray glue
  • Images of icons
  • Photos, optional
  • Large envelope, optional
Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows


Step 1: Print templates 1 and 2 and cut out the front and back pieces of the card (the black card stock/construction paper) with template 1.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

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Step 2: Use template 2 to cut out the inside of the card (using the white card stock/paper).

Step 3: Glue the white piece to one of the black pieces and set it aside.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 4: Locate images to use as your icons on the iDad card. We bought these on iStockphoto.com. You could also do a Google image search for icons — look for medium-sized images for better quality. Save the images and import them into a Word doc, reducing them to consistent size (about 1-1/2 inches x 1-1/2 inches).

Step 5: If you are going to put photos underneath your flaps, assemble them in a Word doc, the same way and the same size as the icons.

Step 6: Cut out the icons and the photos.

Step 7: Spread out some newspapers to protect your work surface. Arrange the icons on the other piece of black card stock/paper and glue them down. Let dry for a couple of minutes.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Next Up: Step 8: Create lift-up flaps

Originally published June 2012. Updated June 2017.

Step 8: With a cutting mat underneath, cut around the two sides and the bottom of each icon with an X-Acto knife, creating lift-up flaps with the icons.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 9: Line up the top and the bottom pieces of the card (without gluing them) and trace around the inside of the flap to mark where you will glue the photos that will appear underneath the flaps.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 10: Set the top piece of the card aside and on the bottom piece, glue the photos down over the squares you just traced, leaving the last three squares for your Father's Day message. (If not using photos, just write messages or draw pictures instead.)

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 11: Write your Father's Day messages in the last three squares.

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Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 12: When the photos and messages are done, erase all remaining pencil marks.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 13: Use a glue stick (not spray glue) to glue the top piece to the bottom piece. Glue around the flaps, so that you don't accidentally glue any of them shut. Your flaps and photos/drawings underneath should line up perfectly.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 14: To finish the iDad Father's Day card, trace around a dime for the button. Use a white gel pen or Sharpie to draw the circle/button.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Next Up: Instructions: Envelope

Instructions: Envelope

Step 1: Print out the template on a colorful piece of paper. If using black paper, print out the template on white paper, place it on top of a black piece of paper and cut around the letters.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 2: Cut out the inside of the letters with an X-Acto knife.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Step 3: Glue the letters to the front of the large envelope.

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows

Final project: iDad homemade Father's Day card

Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows
Image: Molly de Aguiar/SheKnows
Finished iDad Father's Day card

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