MommyStyle: Best summer dresses for every shape

Dressing your “mom body” isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially when we need to dress up. Here are my favorite summer dresses that any mom can pull off!

Woman in summer dress

As moms can confirm, after you have a baby, your body doesn’t exactly “snap” back into shape. In all honesty, my body still isn’t back to its “normal” pre-baby body and my youngest son is almost 4 years old! I joke with my girlfriends that my belly area (a.k.a. my pouch) could (literally) pass for a two to three month pregnancy belly, and only a mom can understand what I mean by “belly pouch.”

Dressing for the summer in shorts, skirts, dresses, tees and tanks can be daunting. Real daunting. You need to find items that work for your body, and that’s not always easy to do, especially if you don’t know what to look for. It takes some time, but really start to find out and discover what works for you fashionably and comfortably when dressing in the warm summer months.

Expert advice

My friend and professional stylist Jill Marinelli offers these four pieces of advice when you’re dressing for the summer:

  1. Summarize your wardrobe with color.
  2. Perfect outfit for work is a sleeveless blouse with a pencil skirt.
  3. Try shirt dresses!
  4. Wear some wedge sandals or closed-toe pumps this summer.

I love these tips for moms to keep in mind for the summer. Jill always gives such easy and practical advice for any woman to use and practice.

So what about wearing summer dresses?

Believe it or not, there are summer dresses out there that work for every shape and size. (I promise!)

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Here are three summer dresses that any mama can fashionably pull off:

Maxi dress


Maxi dresses are very formfitting at the top, but loosen up and free flow at the bottom. They are made to flow with your body. They look good when you’re a size 0 and when you’re expecting — there aren’t many dresses that are that versatile! No matter your shape or size, they look gorgeous.

Colorblock dress

Color blocking

We’re lucky color blocking is trending right now! Color blocking dresses look good on anyone because the attraction to the dress is all about the color combinations. Find one that’s cinched in the waist because that always flatters. I’m obsessed with color blocking dresses that are horizontal in print. Find one in a maxi or empire style and you’re extra golden!

Empire dress

Empire waisted

An empire waisted dress is very “regal” looking. It’s the type of dress where the waistline is raised above your natural waistline, sometimes as high as right below your bust. The length of the dress can be long or short, depending upon your preference. I’m five feet tall, so I stick with shorter because it gives the illusion of height.

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