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How to style your hair this 4th of July

This 4th of July, make sure your hair is barbecue-ready with these hot summer hairstyles.

Patriotic woman with hair in a bun

With our favorite summer holiday just around the corner, we can’t help but plan our best fireworks ensemble. As you’re digging through your closet searching for the perfect red, white and blue outfit, make sure to keep your hair in mind so you can put together a complete festive look from head to toe.

Read on for hair tips from the owners of New York City’s MINTtheSALON to learn how you can create the perfect 4th of July-worthy mane.

The summer bun

There’s nothing simpler and cleaner than putting your hair in a classic bun for the summer. Try a relaxed chignon with a cute plaid button down, cut-offs and a strappy sandal for that effortless, casual look.

Tip: You can make it as exaggerated as you’d like, depending on how much you tease.

Loose bun (best for dry hair):

  1. Put hair in a high ponytail.
  2. Tease the ponytail.
  3. Gather hair and start wrapping around elastic and then pin in place.

Tight bun (best for wet hair):

  1. Put wet hair in a ponytail at occipital bone (mid-head) or at nape (low part of neck).
  2. Wrap wet hair around elastic.
  3. Pin into place.

The summer hair accessory

Looking to accessorize your ‘do? Try tying your hair back with a chic scarf for the classic, Sophia Loren look. (We can’t stop obsessing over this LemLem wrap!)

For longer hair:

  1. Tie scarf in the back of your head, and let your hair fall naturally.
  2. Take scarf and fold it in a triangle and put scarf on head.
  3. Take the two ends of the scarf and tuck the third in the back.
  4. Tie the two ends of the scarf together.
  5. Let your hair fall naturally for that natural hair look.

For shorter hair:

  1. Fold the scarf so it becomes a long rectangle.
  2. Take the two ends and tie in the front for that classic, ‘50s look. (We love this look with a fun romper, like this one from A.P.C.

For more information on MINTtheSALON and senior colorist, Charlene Dougan and master stylist, Allison Burr, visit

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