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Pool safety tips for families

What’s better than a refreshing dip in a pool on a hot summer’s day? While pool time can be fun for the whole family, it also can be dangerous without proper pool safety.

Stay safe this summer
Mother and daughter swimming

Follow these pool safety tips to ensure your family has a fun and safe time at the pool this summer.

Set — and enforce — rules

Whatever rules you decide on must be communicated to everyone in your family and enforced. For example, if you set the rule that no one is allowed to run on the deck, make sure there’s a consequence, like whoever ran has to sit out for 15 minutes. It’s important for everyone to understand that the rules are there for a reason and not following them will have consequences.

Create a pool safety kit

Fill a small tote or plastic box with first-aid items such as bandages and antibiotic ointment. Add sun safety products like lip balm with SPF and aloe. Toss in a couple extra unopened bottles of water. Keep this bag with your beach towels so that you remember to take it each time you go to the pool.

Learn CPR

At least one adult should know first aid and CPR. In case of an emergency, being able to perform CPR on the spot can be the difference between life and death.

Keep the pool safe

If possible, a backyard swimming pool should be behind a locked gate. If a gate isn’t present, the pool must have a child-proof cover that is closed whenever the pool isn’t in use. Many come with alarms that alert when pressure is exerted on the cover.

Play safely

Kids should understand that rough play near a pool isn’t safe. Pushing and shoving or even dunking each other under water can cause accidents. Avoid rough play in and around a pool at all times.

Learn to swim

Children need to learn how to swim so that if they fall in, they won’t panic and can work to get to the edge of the pool. Inexperienced or young swimmers should wear a life jacket, preserver or floatation device at all times in and around a pool.

No drinking and swimming

Alcohol can impair both your judgment and your coordination. Drinking and swimming do not mix.

Take breaks

Swimming in the hot sun can be tiring. Set a timer for everyone to take a 15-minute break after 45 minutes in the water.

Watch this educational video about pool safety.

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