What’s an Air Multiplier?

An Air Multiplier is a fan that looks like anything but. How does it work?

Dyson air multiplier

It’s tall, sleek, stylish and looks nothing like a fan, but it is! It has no blades, yet somehow makes a breeze from what seems like magic. What exactly is an Air Multiplier, and how does it work?

How does it work?

An Air Multiplier is a fan with no visible blades. It looks like a circular-shaped tube sitting on top of a pedestal, and basically, it is.

The first time you see one, you’ll probably be surprised to feel the breeze coming through the tube.

The trick is in the pedestal. It houses a brushless motor that pulls in air and pushes it out through the tube. When that air hits a slit on the inside of the tube, it gets pushed out.

The air is drawn in from both behind and around the fan, allowing it to generate a breeze with much more air than it takes in. Dyson, the creator of the Air Multiplier, claims theirs actually produces a breeze that’s been amplified up to 18 times.

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Why choose an Air Multiplier?

A standard fan creates a breeze that buffets you with short gusts of air. Since the Air Multiplier doesn’t have blades, the air flow is smooth and strong.

Also, since the Air Multiplier is so good at amplifying the air it takes in, it’s much more efficient at cooling your room.

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It also looks pretty cool and serves as a great conversation piece (you’ll be hearing guests ask, “What is this?” forever), and let’s face it, that scores definite points!

Watch this short film from Dyson to better understand how their Air Multiplier works

Image courtesy of Dyson

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