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Top 10 water toys for pups

The dog days of summer have arrived! It’s time for fun in the sun with your favorite four-legged swimmer. Grab your best friend, a beach towel, sunglasses and sunscreen and head to the nearest water hole. Our list of top 10 water toys for pups is guaranteed to make a big splash with Fido.

The Bumper by Chuckit!

Float on

Your pooch will love The Bumper by Chuckit! This brightly colored water toy is made to go the distance and can withstand endless games of tug-of-war and water fetch. Aerodynamic and buoyant, pack up your pup and get ready for a long day of water play.

Bumi by West Paw Design

Tough stuff

Even the most energetic dogs can’t wear down a Bumi by West Paw Design. Made from flexible zogoflex material, your pet can stretch this one out all the way to the pool. This floatable toy will keep Fido flexing and frolicking all summer long.

Hydro Ring by Hugs.

Hydrating hoop

Give your pet a refreshing break from the heat with a Hydro Ring by Hugs. This chew toy absorbs and holds in liquid that is slowly released as your pet plays. This fun and flexible toy helps keep your pets hydrated and entertained while they chew away.

e Chilly Bone by multipet

Just chillin’

Keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy with a cool summer treat. The Chilly Bone by Multipet is a unique canvas toy that can be wetted down, frozen and reused for hours of chewable fun.

Anchor rope toy by Jax and Bones

Anchors away

Even the nonswimming fur-children in your life can partake in the nautical lifestyle with this Anchor rope toy by Jax and Bones. For an extra dose of summer spirit, place the tips of the toy in water and freeze. As an added bonus, Jax and Bones will donate a percentage of sales to help save pets. Now your pet can enjoy summer while saving lives.

Old favorite

If your pup can’t get enough indoor play with his favorite treat-infused Kong, try the Kong Aqua for hours of water play. Great for fetching, tugging and chewing, your pet will gladly save his indoor Kong for the cold winter months.

dog pool float and lounger

Lazy days

Some days are best spent basking in the sun. Lounging in your favorite watercraft can be lonely without your best friend. With this dog pool float and lounger by Frontgate, your pooch pal can float by your side all summer long.

bone shaped doggie pool.

Dog pool

It’s not summer without a pool to dip your feet in. Make sure your pooch has a cool place to wet his paws like this bone-shaped doggie pool. Durable and made for pets only, your pooch will feel right at home while keeping cool and refreshed.

Waterbone Dog Sprinkler


Does your dog anxiously await the sprinkler cycle? Try the Waterbone dog sprinkler by Sukia Pet Toys. This safe and pet-friendly alternative will keep your pet cool and entertained and your lawn will thank you.

Water ski rope leash

Water ski pup

Let the crowds know your pup is ready for lake action with this water ski rope leash by Paws Aboard. With this festive accessory, your pooch can play the part of a water skiing pro without sacrificing all paws.

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