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Memorial Day BBQ shopping list

If you’re planning a delicious and festive Memorial Day BBQ, make sure you don’t forget any essential items for your gathering. We just made it a whole lot easier for you with our BBQ shopping list!

Hamburger at Memorial Day BBQ

grillCheck the grill

Before you start getting all the food for your Memorial Day barbecue, make sure your grill has propane and is working correctly. You don’t want to run out mid-grill and be left with raw meat or uncooked veggies.

Get the appetizers

At the grocery store, make sure you get the non-refrigerated items first so the stay-cold items don’t get warm while you’re shopping. Leave the frozen items for last. Don’t forget to grab chips, dip, hummus, a veggie tray and any other appetizers you’re planning to munch on.

Choose your meat

Decide the kind of meat you’re going to grill — will it be hot dogs, hamburgers, steak or chicken? Those are the standard types of meat at a barbecue, but you can always branch out and grill salmon, tofu or bratwurst for a fun twist.

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Pasta saladDecide on sides

Find out if any of your guests are vegetarian, vegan or eat gluten-free so you can make sure you have at least one side they can eat. Potato and macaroni salad are enjoyable and delicious sides, perfect for barbecues. A casserole always makes a good side, as well. Pasta salad and even potatoes au gratin are great for sides.

apple pieDon’t skip dessert

Though all your guests may not choose to indulge in dessert, some definitely will! So make sure to have something as simple as strawberries and whipped cream to offer. Popsicles, pies, cakes and cupcakes are always a crowd-pleaser, as well. A Memorial Day-themed cake or cupcakes are sure to be hit and eaten right up.

Quick tip

Don’t forget to bring any coupons you have to save big on grocery shopping!

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