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Top 7 tips for making the most out of a small kitchen

Many city dwellers have experienced a tiny kitchen with little counter space or room to move. There are a few easy ways to maximize the space you do have, which will leave your kitchen feeling workable, if not palatial.

Woman in organized kitchen

Don’t let a small kitchen get in the way of cooking or entertaining. If you’re used to a larger space, it may seem unmanageable at first, but with a bit of planning and organization you’ll think it’s cosy, not claustrophobic.


The first step to making your kitchen feel less cluttered is to de-clutter. Do you really need a pineapple corer, hard boiled egg slicer and that campy toast branding iron? Consider what you really and truly use on a daily basis, and what you can get rid of or, at least, put in storage.

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Only the essentials

You don’t have to get rid of kitchen items that you don’t use regularly, but you also don’t have to keep them in the kitchen. If you have more room in the living room or another area of your house, consider filling a cabinet or closet with those cookie presses that only come out once a year, or that pasta maker that you swear you’re going to use some day.

Rolling cart

Counter space

As tight as space may be, be sure that you keep at least a small area of counter space free where you can chop and work. Consider getting an extra rolling kitchen cart that can be stashed in a corner when not in use. These provide extra counter space with additional storage below.
Magnetic knife rack

Space-saving items

While one-purpose gadgets should be avoided, there are some great space-saving items that will create extra space where you didn’t think it could exist. A magnetic knife strip that attaches to the wall, nesting bowls, or a hanging rack for pots and pans are great investments.
Dish drying rack

Maximize the space

Every free inch of space can be used for something if used well. Think about the space, what you use most and where it makes sense to place each item. Consider a drying rack or small table that that folds down from the wall or folds up for easy storage.

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Don’t just put things away willy-nilly. In a small kitchen you have to be methodical. Keep spices in one section, baking goods in another and cans in yet another. Organize your silverware drawer and make sure things are stacked and easily within reach in your cabinets.

Keep it neat

Finally, a clean kitchen will appear much larger than a messy one. Do your dishes as you cook, put things away as soon as you are done with them and always clean up your cooking space. It may seem like more work initially, but it all pays off in the end.

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