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Best dog breeds for new babies

You’ve just had a baby and despite being busy as ever, you’re thinking of adding another new addition to the family — a dog!

Woman with newborn and dog

Having a pet in the house can be a wonderful experience for babies and toddlers, however, not all breeds work as well with children as others. Before you head to the shelter to pick up one, check out our list of the top breeds for newborns!

These breeds get along very well with children and babies, and many of them, like the golden retriever and the border collie, have very protective instincts. The important things to remember when picking a dog for your family, especially if there is a new baby in the home, is to choose a breed with low aggression, a mild temperament and an energy level that suits your family’s lifestyle. Here are the five breeds we’d recommend to bring home to baby and you!

LabsLabrador retriever

Golden, black and yellow labs are one of the most popular pets for families because of their good nature, moderate energy level, high intelligence and very loyal behavior. In addition to being active, they are known for their fierce loyalty, mellow personalities and being very affectionate. Labs are also very easy to train and are great watch dogs. If you already have one pet to begin with, don’t worry! Labs have a friendly demeanor and generally get along with most other dog breeds. For more information on labs or where you can find one near you, check out Pet Finder.

Golden retreiverGolden retriever

Like the Labrador, golden retrievers are another extremely popular family pet, especially for families with babies and young children. This breed is very well mannered, extremely intelligent, gentle and patient as well as very easily trained. Golden retrievers are great watchdogs as well and have a very strong protective instinct around children. This breed, however, does require daily grooming and exercise.

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If the movie Lassie isn’t enough of an indicator, a collie is one of the most family-friendly and loyal breeds there is. These dogs were once bred to care and herd sheep and livestock. They have caring instincts, exceptional hearing and eyesight and are also very playful and gentle. Known for being very protective, collies tend to be great watch and guard dogs. Like the Lab and golden retriever, these dogs are very intelligent and easy to train.

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If you’re looking for a very sensitive dog, the beagle is your breed! This breed is known for being very compassionate, loving, mild-tempered, outgoing and fun and extremely patient. These dogs are excellent for babies and very young children, since they don’t mind being bothered or you can pet them for long periods of time. They are also very easy to train, are very obedient and are great protectors and hunters. Plus, they are quite small in size and stature, so they’ll never overwhelm newborns, and they adapt well to smaller living spaces. Learn more about the beagle here and how you can adopt one!


Poodles often get a bad rap because of their elegance and knack of being high maintenance. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although poodles often do require strict grooming, they are very loving, loyal, sensitive and good natured. On top of this, poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, so they are fast learners and very quick and easy to train. Poodles are perfect for babies and small children, because they don’t require much exercise and are happy lounging around.

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