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DIY dog shirt

When you have a small or toy dog, it comes with the territory to sometimes dress them up in cute little shirts, dresses and costumes. However, some dog tees can cost almost $30! Instead of spending what you’d spend on a human tee, make your little pup an adorable T-shirt out of a onesie!

DIY Dog shirt

This DIY is so cheap (less than $5) and easy, you can fashion as many tees as you’d like for your furry friend. Soon enough, he/she will have more shirts than you do! If your dog is 15 pounds or less, get a newborn-sized onesie. If they are 15 and above, use a 3 months size.

What you’ll need:

dog shirt

  • 1 onesie (I used a newborn size)
  • Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Step 1: Fit the onesie on your dog

Put the onesie on your dog (with the graphic side on the back) to see where you’ll need to cut and hem the bottom of the shirt.


With the shirt inside out, trace a straight line where the shirt will be cut.


Step 2: Cut the bottom portion off

Following along the line you traced, carefully cut the bottom portion of the onesie off.


cut shirt

Step 3: Sew a hem into the bottom of the shirt

If you are using a sewing machine, begin sewing a hem in the bottom of your shirt the way you would with any other garment. If you are sewing by hand (the route I took), cut a small slit into the sides of the already sewn seam. Then, gently fold up about 1/8 inch of fabric and start sewing. Start from the inside of the shirt so that when you sew the hem, the thread is visible on the outside of the shirt.

sew 1

Repeat the pattern until both the front and back have been sewn. (This can take up to an hour or so if you are doing by hand.)


Step 4: Tighten and clean up edges and put on your dog!

Tighten the thread so it stays in place, cut off excess thread pieces and then put on your dog! Quick, easy and a cute way to keep your doggy stylish!


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