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How to use beach finds around the house

If you are a beach lover, you may always be looking for ways to bring home that feel of the beach. Here a few easy DIY ideas to help get you started!

Beach house

As a beach lover, you may already have the beach-themed towels and bedroom set but haven’t really found a way to incorporate some of your favorite beach finds into your home decor. Here are a few of the most popular beach finds and some easy and inexpensive ways to tie them into your home decor.

Driftwood number sign


A good piece of driftwood is an awesome find when you are walking on the beach, and it is a very useful piece to use in your home. Be sure to wash it with a heavily diluted mix of warm water and dish soap, and allow it to fully dry, which could take several hours. Leaving it out in the sun should get the job done quickly. After the wood is dry, lightly sand it with sandpaper to make sure it is smooth.

Next, decide where you would like to hang it. The kitchen and bathroom are popular choices. You can buy some hooks like these for around $10 at Home Depot, and insert the driftwood as the bar. Depending on the size of the driftwood, it can be used as a handtowel rack in the bathroom or you could use string and tie some of your larger kitchen utensils to it for display.

Another option is to add the driftwood under a shelf with open brackets like this wall shelf from IKEA for just $27. Slip the driftwood into the openings in the brackets and add decorative items like hand towels.

If you find a larger piece of driftwood, consider using it as a mantel on your fireplace or place it above your bed as a headboard. If you have small pieces, fix four together to create a frame like above.

Seashell switchplate


Seashells are what comes to mind when you think about collecting things at the beach. Instead of simply displaying them loosely around the house or in dishes, try turning them into wall art. A cute and easy project is to gather your seashells from your last beach visit and cover your outlet covers with shells, affixing them with a glue like Plaid Mod Podge Matte , in any pattern you wish.

Another idea is to purchase simple frames like this from IKEA, and glue shells all around the outside of the frame. Insert your favorite beach photos and you have a whimiscal showpiece.

Pebbles in vase


Beach pebbles are beautiful and seem to catch the light in the perfect way. An easy way to bring them into the house is to put them into fillable candleholders. You can go big or small, but they will look better if they are displayed in groups of two or three. Some of our favorite fillable candleholders are these smaller Fillable Glass Tealight Holders and these larger Fillable Glass Pillar Holders. Fill the bottom of each holder with colorful pebbles and top with your favorite scented candle.

If you’d also like to bring ocean water home, place pebbles in the bottom of a vase and fill with fresh seawater. Place colorful flowers into the vase for bright and cheery decor that will remind you of your favorite place.


Gather sand in buckets from your next beach visit. Once you get home, pull out your tall vases and fill the bottoms with a few inches of sand. Place a few shells on top, and stick taper candles into the sand. This will serve as a beautiful nautical centerpiece.

Another centerpiece idea is to take your biggest seashells and place them upside down. Fill with sand and put a tealight candle on top for romantic, beachy ambiance.

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