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How to choose the right blonde shade for you

If you’re thinking about going blonde for the summer, you’ll first need to figure out what color complements your complexion. Heed the advice of these celebrity hair stylists to pick the best blonde shade for your skin tone.

Mary J. Blije

Step 1: Choose platinum blonde for dark Skin like Mary J. Blige

Feeling bold? While platinum blonde hair isn’t for everyone, it looks super edgy contrasted against dark skin, says Joey Maalouf, Slim-Fast Team WOW! hair stylist and makeup artist, who you might also recognize from The Rachel Zoe Project. It will work for medium skin tones, too, says celebrity hairstylist Stacey Ellis of ByuTi Salon. The blonde, however, must be toned correctly with no gold, she says.


Step 2: Go caramel blonde for medium-dark skin like Beyoncé

Caramel blonde looks gorgeous on medium to dark skin, such as Beyoncé’s, says Joey. “It’s warm and will complement your skin tone beautifully. The growth process isn’t as fussy either, so you can even let it grow out and become a version of ombre.” Stacy recommends adding some lowlights and highlights to give your caramel a bit of dimension. The lowlights should be no more than two shades darker than your caramel color, though, she says.

Rachel Zoe

Step 3: Choose wheat blonde if you have deep olive skin like Rachel Zoe

If you have deep olive skin that tans very easily, try a wheat blonde shade similar to celebrity stylist and fashion designer Rachel Zoe’s. The more you lay out during the summer, the brassier your blonde will become, so make sure it’s neutral and not too aggressive, advises Joey. We recommend using a highlight activating shampoo, such as John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde ($6), to protect your color and prevent it from fading.

Diane Sawyer

Step 4: Make it multi-dimensional golden blonde if you have fair olive skin like Diane Sawyer

If you have fair, olive skin, your hair definitely needs some dimension, says Joey. Ask your hairstylist to use several shades of blonde to highlight your tresses, such as honey, toffee and even caramel. This will give your mane a more natural, effortless look that will contrast stunningly against your skin.

Step 5: Light up with lemon blonde if you have fair skin like Kate Bosworth

The inside of a lemon is almost white, but it still has a lot of warmth, notes Joey. So if you have fair skin, it’s important to choose a color that doesn’t wash you out (or make you stand out). For instance, going too blonde can make your face look pink, he says. You’ll want to complement your skin tone subtly, so try toned golds or beige blondes alongside lighter highlights, advises Stacy.

Last but not least, always take a reference photo to your stylist so they know exactly what you’re looking for, says Joey. “If you have dark or pre-colored hair, the process may take more than one appointment. Make sure to not over process your hair all at once or it’ll lose its luster!”

Kate Bosworth

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