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How to chalk brown hair

Dip-dyed, bright, multicolored hair has been a huge fashion trend lately with the hottest celebrities rocking this look. Because of this, hair chalking has become a great temporary alternative to a permanent color job that anyone can do themselves. Gregory Alan, Salon Grafix’s celebrity hairstylist, offers these tips for chalking brown hair.

How to chalk brown hair

Step 1: Pick the right chalk

For those with darker locks, choose blues, pinks, reds and greens. They show up more vibrantly than lighter colors. “Some of my favorite soft chalk pastels are from Senelier and Rembrandt, but try asking employees at an art store what their favorites are. Do not buy oil pastels; they will stain your hair!” recommends Alan.

Step 2: Wash your hair

Start with clean hair and section off the bottom half, securing the top half with a clip.

Step 2: Prep your hair

Step 3: Twist a section

Take a small section of your hair (the width of a pencil) and twist the hair. Mist the section with a water bottle (if you have light streaks or ends, do not moisten hair because it will stain).

Step 3: Add the color

Step 4: Apply the chalk

Take your soft chalk pastel stick and rub over the section while twisting the strand back and forth. If you are using multiple colors on your hair, start with the lightest color first and then add the darker shade for a fun, multicolored look. Repeat over as many sections as desired. Let down the top section of your hair and chose sections of hair that frame your face and repeat the process.

Step 4: Let it dry

Step 5: Set the color

To get the color to stick around, you need to set the chalk. Alan says, “To set the color, I recommend running a flat iron or curling iron through your hair, then spraying with a light hair spray. Do not use any oils or creams in your hair afterward; they will cause the chalk to become sticky and messy.”

Step 5: Set the color

Step 6: Show it off

Be creative after chalking your hair! Style in a messy bun or braids to show off the vibrant colors! To remove color from your hair, brush through the strands using a bristle hairbrush. Next, wash hair with a cleansing conditioner to replenish the moisture that was taken out by the chalk.


The chalks can be messy, so wear an old T-shirt, latex gloves and cover the floor. Don’t worry, though! The chalks do wash out of clothing. And because the chalks are powder pigments, make sure you hydrate your hair. Chalking will pull moisture out and dry out your locks.

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Image courtesy of David John, master stylist and colorist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Los Angeles. See more tips on how to chalk your hair from John right here at SheKnows.

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