How to find a great hairstylist

We’re savvy consumers and we have at our fingertips more information than ever before. We can jump on the internet and find out the answer to any question. So why is it so difficult to find a hairstylist?

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Forget about scouring the Yellow Pages and surfing the web. We’ve laid out more effective steps to help you find the stylist that’s right for you.

Step 1: Ask around

Talk to friends, coworkers and family to find out who’s doing their hair. “Ask someone whose hair you like, even if you don’t know her,” suggests award-winning stylist Jen Ramos of Nube Nove Salon.

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Step 2: Know your hair

No two heads are exactly alike. Just because you go to the same stylist as someone who has hair you admire doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the same results.

When you find a stylist, you’ll want to discuss what you like/don’t like about your hair, whether or not it’s color-treated, how it’s reacted to various cuts and styles in the past and how much time and effort you can put into maintaining your hair.

“Make sure the stylist you select knows how to work with your type of hair,” says Stephanie Vendetti, co-founder of

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Step 3: Do some investigating

“Research, research, research!” says Vendetti. “Find out who they are and whom they’ve worked with. This will make you more comfortable the first time you meet him or her.”

Also, determine what types of services the stylist offers and how much he/she charges. You don’t want to be surprised at the checkout counter!

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Step 4: Set up a consultation

“If you are hesitant to buy before you try, then make an appointment for a consult,” says hairstylist Sura Radcliffe of BYU-TI Salon Santa Monica.

“These are usually 15-30 minute slots that will help you and your new stylist figure out exactly what you’re looking for.”

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Step 5: Book it

You may find yourself repeating steps one through four several times before you find your ideal match. When you do finally make that connection, schedule an appointment! Be prepared to review what you discussed in your consultation (don’t expect your stylist to remember it!).

Then, take a deep breath, sit back and relax.

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