DIY button infinity scarf

What is one of this season’s hottest accessories? Before you say flip flops or a bikini, think again. It’s an infinity summer scarf! Made from super lightweight fabric in seasonal prints and colors, these are the perfect way to update an outfit without any fuss. However, some infinity scarves can retail for up to $60 at places like J. Crew and Anthropologie! Instead, take a light scarf you already own (or buy an inexpensive one) and turn it into an infinity scarf with some thread and buttons!


If you don’t have a lightweight summer scarf already, you can pick one up for less than $12 online! Plus, you can either buy buttons in packages at Michaels or use some you have lying around. Save your pennies and make a fashion statement with your own infinity summer scarf, which goes perfectly with dresses and tees!



  • Lightweight scarf
  • Buttons
  • Needle
  • Thread (preferably one that matches the scarf color)
  • Scissors (to cut off excess thread)

Step 1: Layer the ends of the scarf together and slightly overlap them.

Lay the scarf down on a flat, hard surface. Fold it over horizontally until both of the ends meet (in my case, both of the frayed ends).

frayed edges

Step 2: Line buttons along the overlapped seam.

Choose the colors and sizes of buttons you’d like to use and line them up along where the ends meet. At this point, you can either cut off the frays or keep them.



Step 3: Sew buttons onto the seam of the scarf.

Using your needle and thread, begin sewing the buttons onto the matching ends of the scarf. Make sure you are getting both the top and bottom of the scarf, so it will create the infinity look.




At this point, once the buttons have been sewn on, you can clean up the edges with scissors and cut off the frays.


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