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How to keep your blonde hair looking great all week

Keep your blonde shinin’ on long after you’ve left the salon…

Woman with blonde hair

Nothing beats the fresh-from-the-salon look of blonde hair, but after your trip to the salon, you’re on your own! But you’re not alone… you’ve got us. And we’re here to share our top tips for keeping your blonde locks looking lovely Sunday through Saturday!

Step 1: Avoid over-washing

After initial coloring or highlights, try not to wash your hair for a few days. And even long after you get your hair done, over-washing can make your hair look dull and dry. Unless you’ve been running a marathon, ask yourself if your hair is really that dirty? If it just needs to be freshened up, sprinkle some baby powder or dry shampoo on the roots.

Step 2: Ban bedhead

We’re all about the sexy, tousled look, but too much bedhead makes blonde hair look like a bird’s nest. Gently brush your blonde locks before bed and wrap them in a loose ponytail to avoid too much movement at night. To avoid static and friction against your pillow, use a silk or satin pillowcase. If you still have a few flyaways in the morning, smooth them out with a hair serum designed to tame frizzies.

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Step 3: Protect your strands as you would your skin

Your hair can get damaged from sun, salt water and chlorine, so protect your hair from summertime environs with a sunblock designed for hair or wear a hat if you are going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time.

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Step 4: Accentuate shine

Use a professional product like the John Frieda Sheer Blonde line, which has exclusive light enhancers designed to help you recreate that fresh-from-the-salon shine and shade.

Step 5: Treat dry hair

Dry hair just doesn’t shine like healthy hair, so make sure to keep your blonde hair nourished in order to maintain its shine. Use a nourishing conditioner to help revive damaged hair, retain moisture and give locks a soft feel and renewed shine.

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