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Beauty is as beauty does: Readers’ beauty routines revealed!

Sure, your mom may have told you that beauty is only skin deep, but that didn’t stop her from teaching you a thing or two about maintaining a healthy beauty routine! So, SheKnows had to know — what exactly did your mom teach you about beauty, and how does that play into your day-to-day life? See what we discovered in our SK Says survey!

Grown daughter and mother standing together by beach

There’s a difference between listening and hearing

Apparently only about half of what mom preached to you as a kid actually stuck. In a true twist of

irony, 40 percent of readers indicated that the best beauty tip mom ever gave them was, “Don’t pick at your face — it will scar!” and yet, 38 percent of readers indicated that their biggest “skin sin” was touching their face too often! Let this serve as your reminder — if you’re always pinching, pulling and pushing at your skin, it’s time to stop! Bacteria and oil can transfer from your hands to your face, causing breakouts, discoloration and damage. If you must touch your face, always wash your hands first and be especially careful when touching the thin skin surrounding your eyes.

Drink to good health

There is good news — not all of your mother’s advice went unheeded! Twenty-eight percent of you credit mom for instructing you to enhance your beauty by drinking lots of water, while a resounding 62 percent of you use water as your favorite all-natural skin enhancer.

Not only was mom’s advice sound, you’re taking advantage of one of nature’s greatest tools when you consume plenty of water! A well-hydrated body is able to function properly, keeping skin cells plump and full, enabling a more youthful appearance.

Actions really do speak louder than words

Even if you weren’t always listening to mom, it’s clear you were watching her! Thirty-eight percent of you indicate that the best healthy skin habit you picked up from mom was washing, moisturizing and toning every day. It’s a good habit to have! These three simple steps only take a few minutes and can do wonders for preserving soft and even-looking skin.

That’s not the only good habit you picked up from mom — another 29 percent of you learned to make healthy living choices like maintaining an exercise program and healthy diet, both of which contribute to bright, healthy-looking skin.

The best advice you never got

Things have changed a lot since you were a kid, and the focus on sun protection has increased astronomically. While moms these days are running after their kids to slather on the sunscreen, only 13 percent of you indicated that the best beauty advice you got from your mom was to always put on the white stuff.

Don’t assume it’s too late, though! One third of all readers indicate their biggest “skin sin” is skipping sunscreen, while 10 percent of you admit to going tanning. If you really want to avoid wrinkles as you age (and almost half of you admit that’s your biggest skin concern), protect yourself from the sun! Carry sunscreen with you wherever you go, and nix the tanning beds now. We can’t blame a girl for wanting a sun-kissed glow, but take advantage of safer alternatives like lotions and spray tans. Make over your habits now to keep yourself looking young as you age.

The price of youth

You may hear a lot of buzz about the latest skin care treatments and surgeries, but a surprising number of you aren’t willing to go that route. In fact, a total of 53 percent of you say that when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance, good products and a healthy lifestyle are as far as you’re willing to go to keep looking young. That said, another 33 percent of you are willing to try any nonsurgical youth-maintaining treatment, while 13 percent of you are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain your beauty, even if that means surgery!

If stranded on a desert island…

… you had better hope you packed your moisturizer! Fifty-six percent of you say that’s the one beauty product you can’t live without. Let’s just hope there’s some sunscreen in your favorite brand!

Preventing a pruney appearance

Prunes may do wonders for digestive health, but apparently they’re better to eat than to look at! Almost half of you note that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is your biggest skin concern, with oily skin and acne placing a distant second. And it’s not just wrinkles on your face that you’re adverse to — you don’t want them anywhere!

Luckily, you just stumbled upon the best gift for all your girlfriends! When asked what you would think about receiving a skin care gift with “anti-aging” benefits, 50 percent of you said you’d be excited because you don’t like to spend money on that type of product for yourself, while an additional 31 percent would be hopeful that it’s the stuff your gift-giver uses because all of your friends are so beautiful! So ladies, get to shopping! Now you know what everyone wants!

In the eye of the beholder

When all is said and done, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. When asked which part of your mother’s beauty you hope to mimic as you age, more than half of you said, “Her spirit! She’s beautiful inside and out!” But that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate her physical beauty, too. An additional third of respondents said that your mother’s skin is definitely crave-worthy — it’s still soft, supple and relatively wrinkle-free.

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