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Design ideas for a shared bedroom

When siblings must share a space, how can parents make the room livable, spacious and organized for both children? It’s easy when you follow the design inspirations below!

Sisters in shared bedroom

According to Designer Alejandra Bernardez, “Sharing space is challenging and therefore fun! To get the best of both worlds you must reach balance through color, shape and pattern. Bedding should be the final touch but also the first inspirational step when approaching color.”

Bernardez also notes, “Take your time to select a smart color combination: Teals are in style these days and can be mixed with yellow, orange, pink and blues. Any of these colors when matched together will achieve a cheerful bedroom for boys and girls. Gray shades are an easy color to work with, because it can be paired up with many accent colors and still maintain balance, for example: gray, teal and yellow.”

Keep it consistent

Seeking a cohesive feel to the shared space within a certain color scheme? From organizational furniture and convenient bunk beds to matching bedding and decor, Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide range of products to make a shared space livable! For a classic, timeless feel, the Catalina Bunk Bedroom Set is a lovely way to make the room lively and spacious. For fraternal twins, a versatile way to combine the new baby boy and baby girl’s room is with the Animal Parade nursery. For an older sister sharing a space with her new baby sister, the Daisy Garden Bedding Collection is offered in a variety of prints and pastels that are simply darling! Dinosaurs, cars and robots — the Urban Boy Shared Bedroom is the perfect solution to combining contrasting colors and designs to make the shared space interesting and fun.

The Kardashian sisters have recently launched the Kardashian Kollection, a line of home decor for the bedroom that offers older sisters who share a room an elegant, fashionable bedding choice that includes three unique themes: the Desert Dream, the New York Dreamer and the Spanish Harlem. Gorgeous bedding, comforters, sheets, pillows and throws are available for each collection. Each theme is different yet they work together as well — making the line ideal for siblings that share a room but do not share the same style or taste.

Personalize the space

Susie Fougerousse, owner of Rosenberry Rooms, says that to foster a sense of ownership and belonging in a shared space, try personalizing each child’s sleeping or reading area with a wall initial, name or monogram. Hand-painted wall letters or wall decals are a cool, cost-effective option, while personalized canvas art is a great higher-end alternative. Sharing a room is a wonderful way for children to learn about compromise and mutual respect, but this sort of personal touch maintains a sense of individuality.

Hide the clutter

Fougerousse also advises that to control clutter, organization is even more crucial in shared or smaller children’s spaces, and there are several creative ways to stay clutter-free. A mixture of shared and personal storage works best. Providing each child with some basic proprietary storage in the form of fun labeled crates for under the bed and rollout trundles or toy chests at the foot of the bed is a great beginning. Try floating a bookshelf or storage unit to divide the space a bit while still keeping the room open. Along with providing some separation, it also functions as stylish and practical shared storage, which can be accessed by both children.

With a little ingenuity and smart advance planning, a shared space can be a comfortable sibling arrangement that works for everyone!

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