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Good eats: 8 great food blogs to inspire your culinary side

We love food blogs. They not only offer innovative recipe ideas and culinary inspiration, but great storytelling and an intimate look into the lives of food lovers and chefs alike.

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There are countless food blogs floating around the web, but we have a few mainstays that have become like trusted friends in our kitchen, providing tips, advice and anecdotes about everything from desserts gone wrong to lavish dinner parties to must-try meals of every variety. Here are some of our favorites.


We love Molly Wizenberg‘s humorous, down-to-earth take on cooking and how being in the kitchen is often about more than putting a meal on the table. Each recipe comes with a story, which makes the recipes that much more intriguing. Started in 2004, the blog really is a journal about what happens between each meal rather than being solely about the (delicious) recipes. Don’t get us wrong; this is a food blog, but it’s also about more than just the ingredients.

101 Cookbooks

Heidi Swanson’s beautifully photographed food blog was started in 2003 as motivation to cook from her endless array of cookbooks. Rather than cook the same recipes over and over (like so many of us do), Swanson decided to take the bull (or book, rather) by the horns and start trying new recipes. The concept has evolved to incorporate recipes from other sources and her own creations, but her personal writing style, health-focused food and gorgeous photos make this a blog worth bookmarking.

Sprouted Kitchen

Healthy eating need not be boring and this blog proves it. Sara (the chef and recipe developer) and her husband Hugh (the photographer) work together to create a lush, vivid blog full of tasty and healthy recipes. The photos alone are enough to make you want to reach into your computer to sneak a taste, but the recipes themselves are unique, easy to follow and simply delicious.

The Wednesday Chef

Whimsical storytelling, interesting recipes and of course, beautiful photos make Luisa Weiss’ blog a pleasure to read (and drool over). The Wednesday Chef started in 2005, like so many other food blogs, as a way to work through mountains of untouched recipes clipped from newspapers and magazines (in Weiss’ case, the New York Times). She writes with honesty and heart; often making the recipes themselves feel secondary, but the effect is simply good writing about delicious-looking, home-cooked food.

Bon Appetempt

Let’s face it; not all recipes turn out and not every cooking experience is all pretty aprons and sweet-smelling kitchens. This funny, absorbing, well-written blog is all about the attempts — good and bad — in the kitchen. If something turns out, it’s posted. If something doesn’t turn out, that’s posted, too, along with theories as to why. Reading this addictive blog is inspiring because it’s so open about the process, versus the finished product, which can (and should) be half the fun in the kitchen.

David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz chronicles his life in Paris, offering recipes, restaurant reviews, Paris travel tips, travelogues about jaunts through other parts of France and Europe, trips to local markets and behind-the-scenes looks at how some of his favorite things get from farm to table, like cheese. He doesn’t sugarcoat his experience as an American living in Paris, rather he allows the reader to see the good with the bad — all with a hearty dose of humor.

The Amateur Gourmet

Adam Roberts makes even the most novice cooks feel like they could create some magic in the kitchen. He started his blog in 2004 as a way to stay sane while in law school. He ditched law school for full-time writing (and cooking) and the result is a blog filled with accessible recipes, funny stories, videos and inspiration for any would-be cook who just needs a bit of a nudge to get into the kitchen.

Simply Recipes

Just as the title would suggest, Elise Bauer’s blog offers recipes — plain and simple. They are presented with a beautiful photo and lots of tips for achieving the best results. Bauer started her blog as a way to catalog the recipes she grew up with and the site has grown into part ever-evolving cookbook and part family collaboration since so many of the recipes featured are either her parent’s culinary creations, or recipes they have helped Bauer to hone and develop.

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