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Fashion Star‘s Julianne Kaye shares backstage beauty secrets

Did you all catch the season finale of Fashion Star last night? We’re so excited for winner Kara Laricks and can’t wait to check out her fabulous fashions in stores today! But while much attention has been given to the fashion side of Fashion Star there’s a whole beauty team backstage working endlessly to beautify all those models.

Julianne Kaye

We chatted with the show’s makeup artist, Julianne Kaye, to get the scoop on what went on backstage and to steal a few of her beauty secrets!

SheKnows: How did you get involved with Fashion Star?

Julianne Kaye: I came on to Fashion Star through Maybelline New York, who is one of the sponsors of the show. I had done a few things with Maybelline in the past, so I was really honored when they chose me to represent their brand on the show. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’ve always loved the brand since I was a teenager, so I knew we could knock it out of the park.

Julianne Kaye backstage at Fashion Star

SheKnows: We’re huge fans of the show and love seeing how beauty and fashion combine on the runway. Can you describe the collaborative process between the designers and the makeup artists that went on backstage?

JK: It’s definitely a whirlwind. I collaborate with the contestants on camera about the clothes, hair and the overall vibe that they’re going for. Most of them have clear visions of what they envision for the runway shows, which obviously helps with the creative process, but overall, I ‘get’ each contestant and their style, so a lot of trust is put in me to execute the makeup for them the way I see fit.

SheKnows: What advice do you have for women trying to put together a cohesive ensemble — fashion, makeup, etc.?

JK: The first thing I look at when doing a client is the wardrobe. To me, the fashion comes first, then the makeup should complement that. At the end of the day, you want people to notice your overall style, not the crazy makeup trend that you’re wearing. It’s most important to look pretty!

SheKnows: We’re dying to know some backstage beauty tips. Any you can share with readers looking to spice things up at home?

JK: Beautiful looking and radiant skin is a must from the catwalk to the sidewalk. We’re always adding pops of shimmer to the highlights of the cheekbones and the inner corners of the eyes; this makes any woman look great. Another trick we do backstage, because we’re so pressed for time, is we use the lipstick that we use on the lips, on the apples of the cheeks. This creates a nice overall synergy with the makeup and adds some luminosity to the look.

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Photo credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

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