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Beauty Beat: How to get Nicole Richie’s Fashion Star cat eye makeup

The makeup artist behind the Fashion Star faces of Elle Macpherson, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson sat down with SheKnows to share her secrets and show off her skills in three eye makeup tutorials.

SheKnows Beauty Beat
Nicole Richie on Fashion Star

After watching NBC’s Fashion Star to admire the fabulous designs, we were dying to know how to get the looks of the show’s leading ladies. After learning how to get Elle Macpherson’s coveted soft smoky eye, the makeup artist behind Fashion Star takes us through creating Nicole Richie’s retro vintage look.

To get Nicole Richie’s look, Julianne Kaye showed SheKnows how to get the seemingly impossible perfect cat eye makeup. “All you need is a sticky note or a business card or paper towel” to achieve this sought after red carpet look that Nicole rocked on Fashion Star.


Apply bronze shadow

“Go all over the lid in a nice bronze shadow,” said Julianne. This will add that pop of shimmer that sparkles and like Nicole, “keeps it boho chic.” Press a warm gold into the lid for more color saturation, and blend back and forth in a windshield wiper motion.


Brighten up the corners

Brighten the corners by “lightening into the tear duct area, and this is going to add a little unexpected glow,” said Julianne. Our eyes are darker towards the corners, so this creates the illusion of brighter eyes.


Apply the cat eye

Next she shows us how to apply the cat eye by using a sticky note, business card or paper towel to create a barrier over the skin. Use your favorite black liner. “Draw over the top [of the paper] and swoop down right on the paper,” said Julianne.

How to get Nicole Richie's eye makeup
How to get Nicole Richie's eye makeup
How to get Nicole Richie's eye makeup

Apply lashes

She showed us how to give the look a little more drama and lift the corners by adding lash extensions to the ends of the eye. To do this, “add a demi-wisp lash to the end of the eye,” said Julianne.


Enhance with mascara

To complete the eye on this second look, simply apply black mascara. Julianne said to go to the base of the lash and put the most color there. Wiggle the brush up to avoid clumpy lashes.


A bold red lip to match

To finish the look and accomplish Nicole’s famous wow factor, simply apply red lipstick. Julianne said you can apply straight from the tube or with a brush, but using a brush creates more precision around the edges.

Nicole Richie: Photo courtesy of NBC Universal
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