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Beauty Beat: Jessica Simpson’s Fashion Star makeup tutorial

The makeup artist behind the Fashion Star faces of Elle Macpherson, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson sat down with SheKnows to share her secrets and show off her skills in three eye makeup tutorials.

SheKnows Beauty Beat
How to get Jessica Simpson's eye makeup

Fashion Star is over until next season, but the looks live on. Dwell on the fashion packed season by learning to get the stellar eye makeup of Fashion Star mentor Jessica Simpson. It’s our third, and final, makeup tutorial in our Fashion Star Beauty Beat series with Julianne Kaye.

As Julianne kindly reminds us, “[Jessica] is from Texas and everything is bigger in Texas.” Even her sought after, dramatic eye makeup which she pulls off so well. “It always looks like she stepped off a boat in San Tropez. It’s always about the golden, beautiful gilded [look] with really nude lips.” This tutorial, and her looks on each Fashion Star episode, is inspired by the fact that Jessica isn’t afraid to amp up easy, breezy beauty by incorporating dark elements. This is the earth-toned smoky eye.


Apply a brown shadow

Julianne concentrated on working a warm brown shade into the crease of the eyelid using what she describes as a windshield wiper motion. Then wrap the color around the outer corner to the base of the lash line.


Perfect the blend

Switch to a fluffy brush to go over the color you just applied and blend it upwards towards the brow bone, without meeting the brow bone. Use the brush on both sides to work the color up. “[You want it to] fade to nothing. You don’t want it all the way to the brow bone.”


Apply shadow under the eye

Use the same warm brown from your lids and a smaller, fine point brush to smudge the color underneath the bottom lash line. “Bring it all the way to the tear duct,” advised Julianne. Then blend the color down a tad.

How to get Jessica Simpson's earth tone smokey eye
How to get Jessica Simpson's earth tone smokey eye
How to get Jessica Simpson's earth tone smokey eye

Add a pop of gold

Just a pop! Julianne reminds us, “When you’re depositing the color, wherever you put it first is when the most color is going to deposit.”


Brighten the eye with champagne

Next, Julianne got us all excited with champagne. Before we could pop any corks, she demonstrated how a champagne shadow color right around the tear ducts can brighten the whole eye. You can also use the same color on the highlight of your cheekbone to add even more luminosity.


Apply the liner and secure with lashes

Tip: If applying eyeliner on your lower line makes you teary eyed, inhale in through your nose with your mouth closed. It will help keep the tears back.

For this look, you’ll want to stick with the earthy tones, so don’t revert to your typical black liner now. Stick to a deep brown to enhance the earthy tones in this variation of a smoky eye. Julianne finished the look with a strip of false lashes, mascara for extra drama and a quick prick of the eyelash curler. “Very Jessica Simpson,” she said.

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Jessica Simpson photo credit: NBC Universal
A special thanks to Bliss Spa and the W Los Angeles – Westwood.

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