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5 Innovative refrigerator features

Need a reason to replace your old refrigerator with a shiny new one? How about five reasons?

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Here are some of the life-changing new refrigerator features that will make you wonder how you lived so long with your old fridge.

Blast chiller

Have you ever reached into the refrigerator for an ice cold can of soda or beer only to come out empty-handed? Sure, you could have a room-temperature drink off the shelf, but wouldn’t it be great if you could pop a can into the refrigerator and have it magically chilled in just a few minutes? With the new Blast Chiller from LG, you can chill a 12-ounce can in 5 minutes, and two 12-ounce cans or a bottle of wine in only eight minutes.

A tall drink of water

How many times have you had to tilt your coffee pot, water bottle or pitcher at a precarious angle when dispensing ice and water from the refrigerator door? Chances are, a short water dispenser left you mopping up more than one puddle of water. With the new super size water and ice dispensers available on newer model refrigerators, you can now ease your pint or pitcher into an area that can be over a foot tall. We’ll drink to that!

Fresh food features

You don’t have to understand the technical aspects of today’s innovative freshness features to appreciate their benefits. The important thing to remember is that compressors, evaporators, sensors, and air-flow vents are working together like a beautiful symphony to cool and de-humidify, keeping food fresher longer. No more tossing out half of your weekly produce because it goes limp before you have a chance to devour it.

Drawers and doors

With some newer models, it’s like the Container Store moved into your refrigerator. Multi-tiered drawers easily glide open and closed to give you easy access to what you need, when you need it. Deep drawers house produce, while shallow drawers are perfect for popping in a party tray. Drawer options let you choose either a traditional or side by side fridge; and French door styles include options with either one or two freezer drawers on the bottom.

Huge capacity

Back in the day of one-size-fits-all refrigerators, big families or bulk shoppers had to cram food and drinks into a small space or get two refrigerators to hold it all. If your family requires some serious fridge space, LG Electronics recently introduced its new, large capacity French door refrigerator, a sleek 36” wide stainless steel beauty boasting a whopping 31 cubic feet of smart streamlined storage space — 20% more usable space than other French door fridges. When it comes to refrigerator royalty, this fridge reigns supreme.

What’s new

We have a feeling this guy’s wife is happier about the new refrigerator than he is!

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