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Kitchen remodel wish list

Whether you’re tackling a total kitchen overhaul or looking to make a few upgrades, remodeling your kitchen can be a great investment. Check out these design ideas to create your dream kitchen.

Updating your kitchen
Dream kitchen

Put together your kitchen remodel wish list with a focus on a few key design elements and aim to maximize efficiency.


In many kitchens, the cabinets end with dead space between the top and the ceiling. Maximize high ceilings with cabinets that go all the way up. Though taller cabinets will add to your budget, consider skipping cabinets with design elements like scrollwork or molding. You can always get plain cabinets installed and then add fun hardware or molding yourself later for a fraction of the cost of already-decked-out cabinets.


Use the backsplash as a design element. Especially in a smaller space, a well-designed, colorful backsplash can draw the eye through the room. Instead of using just the few inches above your counter, consider having the backsplash go up to the ceiling or even around your entire kitchen. Explore your options beyond simple square tiles. Subway tiles are a fun option — or look at eco-friendly options like recycled glass bottles.

Luxe counter tops

The counter top on your remodel wish list should fit your needs. Marble and granite are classic choices that come in an array of colors to suit your design. However, consider functional and interesting alternatives like a butcher’s block or stainless steel countertop.


At the top of every kitchen remodel wish list? New appliances! Focus on finding appliances that maximize the space in your kitchen. There’s no need to have a big clunky fridge taking up half the room when there are space-saving options like LG’s 31-cubic-foot French Door Refrigerator which provides 20 percent more usable space on the inside while fitting comfortably in a 36-inch cabinet opening. LG also offers refrigerators with a variety of widths and depths to help accommodate your existing or custom cabinet space.


Kitchen lighting can fall on the affordable end of a remodel — or it can break the bank. The bottom line is that you want a well-lit kitchen. Pendants provide direct light to specific areas, while overhead lighting can illuminate the whole space. Work with an electrician to determine where and how bright your lighting needs to be and then select designs that fit. If your kitchen doubles as a dining room, consider a chandelier with a dimmer for over the table. You can use the bright lights to cook and clean, but have the option for dim lights to set a cozy dining atmosphere.


Just like with your new counter tops, you’ll find a number of traditional flooring options. Think beyond laminate and vinyl. Wood, marble or terra cotta floors add a rich element to kitchen design. Or you can tile your kitchen floor or choose an eco-friendly material like bamboo.

Remodel your kitchen on a budget

Use these tips to remodel your kitchen on a budget by making changes in stages.

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